Why haven’t ioi implemented the ability to delete your own contracts?

It baffles me how this has never been a feature in the series. Plenty of times I have made a contract before realising I either messed up or made it too hard, but the ability to delete it has never been an option, forcing me to make a new version of the contract and have two with the same title under my name.

Anyone else agree with me? Surely we can convince the devs to add this before support for the game ends.


Yeah that’s a feature I would really like to see, that way I could make a few testing versions for complicated contracts without fear to bloat my created contracts with them. Still I dunno how it would interact with the history though - as I don’t want to bloat it with garbage either :x


There should be not only Delete button, but also Edit and possibly Hide/Unhide.
I wonder myself why it’s not an option and what prevents them to implement it


I hope in the next Hitman, I don’t expect it in this game, they add something like “testing” time. The contract is created and not published. It is deleted after a specified time (6-8 hours), during which it is possible to test or publish it.

Delete goes too far, imho but you should be able to “archive” it so that it doesn’t show up in searches and people could still go to it directly if they have the code or played it previously.

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Absolutely agree. I was astounded when I first ran into this. Such a basic/standard feature for any game that allows you create your own custom content. :blush::medal_sports: