Why i failed?


I not kill her。And i not dead。Just conntion failed,but go to menu show me failed?Please solve the problem quickly!


If you failed, you failed.
It’s nothing one can do about it…


I may explain why you failed.
Once you’ve completed any of the objectives of elusive target and quit the mission without ending it properly, you would fail the target.
For the future - never quit the elusive target mission without killing the target. Well, never quit the mission wthout ending it extracting from location


There might be an option to put in some kind of support ticket with Warner Brothers or IOI, not sure how to do it with IOI though.


But they can’t help with failed elusive target


I’m guessing you collected the notebook then quit or something?


I have a memory of reading something about this exact situation and IO did appear to be involved at some level with a hint that it could be looked at. I can’t remember details and don’t actually know there was a positive outcome but of course IO could do it if they so wished. They’ll know if 47 died or the objectives were met or not.


Think he did. Also he might ran onto a disconnection prompt and selected ‘go to menu’ instead of ‘try again’.
This was fatal mistake


As you can see from this thread, the ship has never left the docks


If you picked up the notebook and quit out, then that’s why you failed. Always remember that if you complete ANY of the objectives in an ET, you cannot quit out if you don’t want to have the ET “fail.”


I thought disconnection prompts allowed you to restart ETs??


If you select ‘try again’ or if you haven’t complete any objective - yes.
Otherwise you’ll fail.

I may be mistaken, but I think it leads to failure


I’ve never done it but I believe the old trick of pausing, going to the menu, disconnecting the internet and so on allows them to be replayed. I don’t remember the specifics, no doubt someone here does, but MrFreeze2244 has videos explaining it.


This trick works ONLY when you select ‘go to menu’ while internet disconnected.
Otherwise it doesn’t work


Hmmm…you don’t sound too sure about it.

I recall many people saying that it was more than possible to restart an Elusive Target even after you completed one of the objectives. If I am not mistaken, this is a desired strategy used by many speedrunners to experiment with the mission until they get the desired score.

It was something related to disconnecting from the internet but I find it too risky to experiment.


I replied about this just above.

If you want, I can test this for sure on my extra account


Cool. I think many players can benefit with that knowledge. :slight_smile:



Op probably got their connection back and then returned to the menu. If they didn’t have any connection and returned to menu, they would be able to play it again


No, ‘go to menu’ option will not reconnect you.
‘Try again’ will.
‘Go to menu’ will return you to the homescreen. That’s all


There are no other options. There’s retry, which tries again to connect to the servers, if it does, gameplay resumes, if it doesn’t, you’ll get the same “retry, go to menu” screen. You can retry as many times as you want. It will never quit you out. Going to menu will not fail you the mission at any time. The only possibility that would fail the mission I think is if it disconnected and then you turn the game off right away without allowing to go to the menu to reset progress.