Why i failed?


I know that. Go to menu will put you in offline mode. Im saying that op probably chose to return to menu when they had their connection back up. Thats why it failed


I did it couple of times. Worked fine, no failures

If I understand you correctly, this is exactly what I’m talking about.
The point is NEVER choose ‘go to menu’ in disconnection prompt with the uplink




Did you complete an objective?


Of course. Otherwise you don’t need to do this trick if you don’t want to restart the ET mission


So ya, it sounds like he grabbed the notebook not realizing that was an objective, then lost connection which then he hit retry, got back connected and then quit or turned off the game. Or maybe he lost power and his system shut down after taking the notebook which also would have you fail.

But it could just be a bug. Saw someone on Reddit exit the bathroom where he killed the target then walked back close to the door was found trespassing then engaged. So who knows.


Actually while this is current, worth checking the exact sequence. Is the following correct?

47 is compromised or blew up two people or whatever

1 - pause the game by bringing up the game menu, not the one for the map

2 - unplug the internet

3 - go to the menu

4 - exit the game?

5 - reconnect the internet

6 - restart the game

ET should then be available.

Does that look right?



You dont have to close down the game if you’re going to turn off wifi or unplug cable. Returning to main menu while network is down and being prompted to choose to either “try again” or “return to menu” is enough.

If you play on pc then alt+f4 should be enough if you don’t not want to disconnect network.
I play on ps4 so I turn off wifi and go to menu then connect wifi again.


thanks for that - I’m banging on about it primarily to get a completely unambiguous list of steps so anyone worrying about doing it can feel secure (me included!) - I use Xbox

1 - pause/go to in-game menu
2 - disconnect internet
3 - exit to main game menu screens
4 - reconnect internet


5 - don’t forget to get back the game online :slight_smile:

Yes, you’re right. This sequence will secure your elusive target of being failed in any case except you’re killed. If you’re killed, nothing will help


ah yes, right, worth noting - so

1 - pause/go to in-game menu
2 - disconnect internet
3 - exit to main game menu screens
4 - reconnect internet
5 - get game reconnected to the servers

yes indeed, death is the end of it

not actually used this method, too much of a big girl’s blouse, ultra-cautious with elusive targets!