Why is IOI refusing to use the Hitman Logo?


Hello members,

since the beginning of the very first Hitman game back in 2000, every item 47 posses was marked with the famous symbol but not only that.
The logo was present on the icon of the game representing that it was Hitman from Codename 47 to Blood Money, the logo was present on countless artwork and wallpapers, everything that belong to 47 was marked with the logo such as laptop, briefcase, weapons and most importantly it was well shown right on every front cover of each game.

But this changed with Hitman Season 1. Why?
In this tread not only I want to complain, but I wish to open the eyes of the developers from IO to bring it back because removing the Logo is like removing a part of the character Agent 47.

Most of you here started playing Hitman from Codename 47, if not majority right from Hitman 2 Silent Assassin.
You buy the game curious of what it is and first thing you see while installing it is this beautiful symbol. To be honest the first time I saw it when I was 11 I felt inspired by it.

Moving forward, you launch the game and again you have it in all it’s glory spinning right on the main screen telling you "This is Hitman’s trademark. You see this you know it belongs to him"

You start the first mission the tutorial and here it is again. The symbol… Taking you in the beginning of how it all started.

And finally when you finish this training you start with the very first mission out there in the world.
But this time you are welcomed with a different logo, a different trademark. The agency that employed you The ICA
It has it’s own charm of course but at the same time, while you are on that computer reading the briefing you are reminded once again of what is 47’s and here we have it at the bottom of the screen the logo.
But there is more. In this mission we are introduced to the very first item marked by the logo: The Briefcase.
An item that has become essential and iconic in the game giving not only an advantage to 47 but also a touch of style and professionalism.

From here on now we won’t see nothing more with the logo, till the very end when 47 revisits his past.
You have the logo right there on the front gate of where he was created. Big, wonderful and golden.
And from there you learn something about it.

At the end of Codename 47, while the creator Dr. Ort Meyer is bleeding, the logo forms from his own blood on the white floor.

2 years later a new Hitman game is released and this time IO brought the best of it.
They made an amazing story which 16 years later is still one of the best.
You start the game apparently some time after 47 discovers not who he is, but what is he. And right on the first cutscene you have a revisiting to the Asylum where the golden logo on the gate is shown.
Going further, 47 is obligated to dig up his past and take his role back of the ruthless assassin everyone fears.
He goes back in his room, he contacts the agency and here you have a remodeled logo on a laptop. Something that looks made out of bones, a new style that unfortunately after this game IO let it go. But the logo was still there 3 more games to come.
This logo in my opinion was the best.

In Hitman 2 the logo was present a lot more often: on a laptop, on the briefcase that holds the weapons, on some weapons, on pickup boxes from the agency and if you payed attention it was even on the windows of the church in Sicily.

But what was stunning to see is was the logo used to mark 47’s personal weapons The Ballers.
These pistols were present in Codename 47 already portraying that they were the favorites. But in Silent Assassin they wanted to make clear to who they really belong, adding the wonderful logo on the grips.

After Hitman 2 Silent Assassin a new game comes named Hitman Contracts. Like the previous games the logo was representing the game once more on the desktop icon, main menu, credits and in game.
You start your very first mission right where Codename 47 ended with the a nice huge logo made out of your creators blood.

But here is when there are some changes. The iconic Ballers become the now iconic weapons The Silverballers.
A remodeled gun with engraved custom logo on the slide, frame and this time becoming in a form of medallions on the grips.
From now on the name Silverballer is associated with 47. The most beautiful guns in the series and my desire and obsession to replicate them the most identical as possible.
You started to see these weapons on every wallpaper in every occasion IO had to promote the game.

But there were not only the Silverballers who were marked. In this game we are introduces for the second time to the briefcase. A new design, a new wonderful model trademarked with the logo.
It had 2 version in Contracts, one in the game and one made just for a promotional trailer and a cutscene in game.
In both cases they had the Logo on it!

Hitman Blood Money is released and this time it kept the same formula as Hitman Contracts.
The Silverballers are the same and so goes for the briefcase.
But there is a new item marked. We see it for the first time in the first mission after the tutorial and that is the mini laptop.

But after this mission there is another place the logo was used and that raised a question. Who’s logo is who?
The logo was present on a Top Secret file Diana handles to 47. You can see it in the middle of the bottom of the file (sorry for bad quality).

So in this one there was no worries about the logo or even the idea that it might not be in there.

After Blood Money there were many years of silence to come before a new game was launched.
But after 6 years we are introduce to Hitman Absolution.
We are given a trailer of someone with black gloves attaching a silencer to a gun. After he finishes we have a snake holding a pistol and we know it’s the Silverballer, or better we know it’s a new Hitman game.
How did we know this? From the logo of the pistol we were introduced since day 1 from the first Hitman game.

This game was very different from others but it kept the Hitman formula of having 47’s possession marked.
In the first cutscene we are introduced to a new model of briefcase that was never to be used in the game.
This model had it’s own stylish design and of course it was marked with what we know it only belongs to our favorite assassin.

This time the game icon on the desktop was no more the logo, but that didn’t meant it was not present.
It was less shown in the game, but it was always present on his weapons The Silverballers and a custom made Tie Pin.

Absolution era ended with a bit of disappointment, but not for the logo and 4 years later we have a new introduction the Hitman season 1.
IOI gives us a beta to show us that the game is back to its roots and here we are introduced to a new weapon with a different style but keeping it trademarked and obvious that this weapon is 47’s.
This weapon was called by the community the Blackballer.

As the name is referring, the Blackballer is the same version of the Silverballer but only black. There were some discussion at first that it doesn’t look good but looking at it more and more it grew on everyone.
Gun was beautiful and had a tactical look. Something it had even more wonderful was a custom marked suppressor.
This new item was present in the beta, was present on every promotional art they used to represent the game and was present on the in game wallpaper challenges.
But… When the game launched it never made it to be used again in the game.
Not only did they ditched a iconic weapon, but they let go completely one of a few things defining 47 most. He’s logo.
There is only 2 times the logo is visible. On the ICA Silverballer (on the grips only) and at the end of the mission rating your progress/mission status.

2 years later they announced a new Hitman game called Hitman 2. A title a bit confusing but ok.
This time there isn’t even one glimpse of the logo besides one single wallpaper that you can only see if you find it in the highest resolution possible.

Now what it seems to represent Hitman is just the Number 47, the name HITMAN and a Barcode. New players will never know what this beautiful logo stands for.

Why IO Interactive? Why are you not using the logo anymore?

Hitman 2 (2018) Announcement Discussion (Gameplay included)

it’s pretty clear they’re not using that branding anymore. it’s just used for the score screen and that’s it.
they’re going for a very slick minimalistic design now, and would look out of place on the branding. however, i don’t get why they don’t use it more often for other things. even the preorder briefcase doesn’t have the logo. the preorder blackballer might have it but idk.
such a cool logo im afraid that was forgotten in the mix of going for a more minimalistic approach.


Guys, I agree with Badeaguard, but ignore the parts where he mentions the Blackballer, it’s obviously a case of the Mandela Effect and him misremembering the ICA 19. :slight_smile:


i’m also very curious about this. i always loved that logo and my sister painted it about 1m wide on the wall of my room in my parents old house for me.
For me, the logo is equal important to the franchise as the Barcode - and thats another question i would like to have a official answer for:

what happend to the Numbers?

We had them in Codename 47 (okay, we had Dots beneath the Barcode…) and in Absolution (i hate you, Bandaid!). Who at Io looked at this and thought “we need to remove those numbers“?


I’ll give you 5. Better?


They could add it as a label pin on his suit.


Agreed, i would love to see the iconic logo appear more often.


I always loved fleur de lis,it’s a unique,memorable logo and made Hitman stand out.
I hope we’ll see it on briefcase and other 47’s items more often


I’m gonna come out and state the most obvious answer. The lack of the logo is probably from the confusing origins of it. Ok so, 47 is from the asylum and that logo is on the gate of the asylum? Also on the floor? So it it Dr Ortmeyers logo? That doesn’t explain why the training facility has the logo all over it. Unless it’s like a 4th wall kind of thing where the logo is merely a representation or icon for the Hitman franchise that shows up in it’s game universe along with ours.


I’m not worrying about it. I see the logo everyday…for 10+ years :crazy_face:


Honestly, I always felt it was a weird logo. Never really had any relation to 47 or what he does. It looks like a ninja star that was magically transformed into some type of scorpion with a tail. I like logos when they make sense, this one always felt out of place to me.


Here’s my question… What is it? :thinking:

It has the 2 mirroring shapes, but one is higher than the other. And the curved line in the middle/top which reminds me of a candle flame.

In a way, it’s a bit 'Batman’esque. Maybe it’s looking at the back of 47’s head, and the barcode is burned into him like a brand. Or maybe a flower. You have the stem, the leaves on the sides, petal/s on the top, and a stigma in the center.


And a flower is what you place on someone’s grave or casket.


The logo is a subtle reference to 47’s profession. It’s a stylized lily flower, which is usually brought out for funerals.

Credit to @Alpinwolf who made the picture above:

Honestly I think it is the sexiest logo I’ve ever seen, and it has a very interesting meaning behind it. Not sure why IO are not using it anymore.




Talking about the Hitman logo, now I remember the description for the Absolution suit in HITMAN, for whatever reason, describes the tie pin logo as belonging to the ICA, wich is wrong.


And the #BringBackTheSilverballer
Don’t forget the Silverballer.

@immadummee47 if you read my post you can see that I already said the only few times the logo is present in Hitman season 1 is at the end of the mission in the scoring board.


The Hitman logo should be used again in the game. As Badeaguard explains, that logo is very important.

@Travis_IOI @Clemens_IOI


You mean the iconic things that people talked about after the first game was released?

Now I’m almost sad that I banned our truther member who insisted that the logo was just Ortmeyer’s personal logo (since it appeared on the asylum gate) and then followed with the interesting theory about how Diana and the CIA never really existed…

…still I suppose this is a step up from when people were demanding the gloves come back, though I must stress I don’t see any benefit to just posting a demand to developers.


The russian guy sgg47 was banned again???

But the logo has always been a part of 47 since Codename 47, present in every wallpaper, every main menu, every inventory and most of the objects that he posses including a lighter from Silent Assassin.
The barcode was a cool idea to use it as a loading screen. But not to make it the new symbol.

Removing this symbol is like making Batman without the bat logo or any other iconic hero.

And this is not only a demand, but an observation how the most iconic things changed during each game.


The Bat logo is a bat, for Batman.

The fleur de lys does not mean Hit. And even if it did, he’s called 47 and not Hitman. The logo is aesthetically nice to look at but in terms of the character it really doesn’t mean anything.