Why is IOI refusing to use the Hitman Logo?


none at all matey. you’re right, it’s not the same


well, alright. but i hope i made my opinion clear. it’s obviously all up to opinion but as i’m studying marketing it’s kinda hard not to point out things like that (rules in design, i guess).


So you ignored the requirements.

You didn’t demonstrate at all, you demonstrated that you want praise for doing 5 second in Paint. You didn’t adapt it to the web page header, you didn’t adapt it to desktop and mobile, you didn’t factor in different background colours and contrast.

That’s because as covered above, you don’t know what to look for - you just assume you’re a genius because you have no frame of reference and over estimate your ability.


This is low contrast and creates colour confusion, it distracts from the “ABSOLUTION” title because it requires additional effort to identify it and then analyse what it says - if you have good eyesight. If you have any visual problems then it’s perfectly possible the “ABSOLUTION” part is simply blur into the red. That’s bad for branding and objectively bad design.

For example, compare how clear the Io-Interactive and Square Enix branding on the bottom of the box is compared the Fluer De Lis.

As above, I can explain my reasons for evaluations on all these - you apparently cannot. So in my case the Dunnning-Kruger effect may be that I over-estimate how much people know because this knowledge seems commonplace to me - you on the other hand seem to lack a reference.

Objectively a title that can’t be read or is difficult to read is unhelpful, particularly in the era of mobile devices - half those subtitles you provided as “classy” are pretty much completely illegible and hence useless for branding and promotions.

If people can’t read it they can’t google it, they can’t ask their friends about it, they can’t ask a store about it, etc.

All of this was covered earlier in the thread but ignored by you because… presumably you don’t actually care whether the logo is actually good or not - just if you subjectively like it.


no requirements were provided by you oh mighty design guru.

no. I explicitly told I have limited knowhow. how is that looking for praise?

as I just told you, I did. I just didn’t know how to. I explained to you how you could make the font white against purple like the current logo.

I’m glad you’re here to enlighten my lowly mind.

as for the low contrast/hard to read covers, I think it’s a trade off. IOI wanted to push darkness, subtlety and class with this choice. they may even have had design meetings about whether this brand decision was good or if they should go for easy readability. but I guess we can just assume they slapped 5 consecutive covers together without a care in the world amirite?

actually, that’s what I’ve been doing but oh well. also, it’s not me who is opposing the logo, that’s you.

ah yes, codename 47, black text against white, what a marvel in design. what’s your point? that I didn’t say “the rest of the hitman games besides that one”? I’m actually surprised you didn’t mention SA’s original cover too then since it’s red on white, with clear contrast. my point was obviously the subtlety in the subtitles being a stable of the cover arts. that actually goes for codename 47 too, try to make it out at a distance.

what would the ultimate, godlike, minimal, superior design decision to fix this issue be? well, they could just slap a big fat 2 on the 7th main game. I think we can all agree that’s a wonderful choice right?

I think you’re underestimating the general public’s ability here. they can clearly make out “Hitman” and surely a google search would take you to the latest game. they can’t ask their friends if they have played the new hitman game? what? same with the store, they can just go in, look at the cover upclose or even ask at the register about the new hitman game. or buy it online. people are not stupid.


As I and @Mads47 covered above, prior covers were products of their time, both in terms of fashion trends but also in terms of priorities, technologies and knowledges of the day. They were not designed to display well on handheld devices of varying quality or to be meeting expectations regarding usability that have only been recognized in the past few years.

It would also be quite reasonable to consider that changes made since Absolution were probably made in response to issues with Absolution - and particularly the resources and assess they gained when Eidos was absorbed into Square Enix and the online era gave them more information about how people buy and play their games.

The original used a simple, high contrast label - so it follows by implication that modern day Hitman is returning to these roots.

You mean?




See Silent Assassin’s cover was made in an era where people went into the store, and picked up the box - so you didn’t have to worry about how it parsed on mobile devices, how it would look in video ads of varying resolutions or how it would integrate into the web site. The primary purpose was to look interesting in the game store and on posters etc.

It’s almost impossible to read on the Steam Store because it was never intended to go into a Steam Store because Steam wouldn’t be a thing until 2003 (and then most publishers were reluctant to use it due to concerns of piracy, server reliability and being untested). Likewise for using it in YouTube thumbnails or as a feature on a stream.

Nope, I’m pretty aware of how capricious the public is. See I used to handle web design for a university shop in 2002 and at that time the data said that if customer couldn’t see something loading within ten seconds they would abandon the site about… seventy percent of the time. Current stats are usually collected about shopping carts and the rate of abandonment due to things like demanding people create an account,

Nowdays people are saturated with content when they look at media and are probably on going to give anything a casual glance. If they don’t read “HITMAN” quickly and easily they will likely not bother to analyse what they’re looking at - if they don’t parse it, they won’t remember it.

Likewise if a site looks like a mess because they’re trying to match it graphic that was intended for posters in 2002, people are likely to move on to another site. If they start to struggle to read the site due to low contrast they will move on to another site. If the mobile site (which needs to be identically branded) isn’t designed with mobile devices in mind, you will lose customers.

Graphic design and interface design is not about self-congratulation over being “subtle” with your blending - it is about effectively communication with your customers. The faster that communication has needed to get, the more efficient the designs have had to get - hence the trends in minimalism. These are things that designers study in school, then continue to study.

It costs you literally nothing to consider that perhaps professionals have reasons for what they’re doing when it goes against your taste, even less to consider that it’s very easy to do a mockup that relies upon people’s imagination and biases to work - but very hard to actually polish and refine these things across many iterations and priorities while meeting stakeholder expectations and cooperating with other teams.

If it was easy we’d all be making our own Hitman inspired games.


I fail to see how that example relates in any way to our discussion about the logos.

that old SA font is as recognizable as the new one if not more due to the heavy stylization. I can clearly read it and therefor it would function well on a webpage and even a tiny display. (however, I thought we we’re discussing the functionality of the absolution logo? oh well)
the objective “fault” with the old logos are the subtitles and I agree on that. they are hard to read but I’m sure that was a conscious design choice. one that I find more appealing, (dare I say exclusive) than the “minimal design for ease of use to the masses and more sales” pitch. you clearly have a way better apprehension on what that kind of marketing takes and I never meant to say you didn’t, however I still think some personality of the franchise is lost in the ruthless efficiency of modern, professional graphic design.

I like niche things I guess and don’t conform well to seeing my favorite niche game conforming to mainstream design ideas. that’s probably why I didn’t enjoy the community, online event driven offerings of 2016. In my eyes that stuff belongs to MMOs and big shooter franchises but that’s a whole other discussion.

I admit that I let my subjective definition of what hitman is get a hold on me and that you actually are an authority on the topic of logo design. cheers mate


Yeah might be. But the logo looks objectively bad. Not as bad as C47‘s logo with it‘s italic text and drop shadow though …

No one would pick up and buy the game if they saw it in 2016 / 2018, judging by the cover alone. It looks like a low-budget action game which tries to sound cool.

I know you talked about it being recognizable and not how it looks. But seeing those of logos while scrolling through just made me chuckle.


Well, the two aren’t mutually exclusive. You can think a lot about something, invest plenty of time and energy into the concept, and end up spending a few minutes compiling the final version. I’m merely contending that whatever process they utilised resulted in a rather unoriginal branding which (as you’ve shown) is derived from a trend within some games which have incorporated some pretty generic and uninteresting designs.

This seems contrary your perception of the importance of the logo and branding occupying significant thought and consideration in the design process. If however, the strategy was about diminishing the time spent on the logo to focus on other things, the simplified design makes sense. That doesn’t stop making it feel as ‘original’ as the interface on a McDonald’s self-service kiosk though – and I’d hardly call a more refined, memorable design “weird shit” that would distract us.


This is kind of funny, but I did not even notice the logo much, mostly because I was shocked to see a fucking 2 in there to be begin with. :rofl:


I was feeling inspirational a couple of minutes ago and tried to mess a bit with focus and colors on PRO mode camera with my phone.

Now tell me you still don’t like this symbol.


Almost perfect. Needs a final touch and I’m ready to produce first prototype.


The logo has been officially done and I just placed the order. Should be ready by the end of the month.
Can’t wait to show you guys when it’s done.

The Symbol is going to be in full 7cm all made in steel. Just a sample to see how it looks having it in had.

Now we wait…



Steel, natural, polish? You sure this is stainless?


There seems to be problems now. Apparently it’s too small so they refunded me.

But I re made another order with the logo separated but with out the flame. This time it’s going to be each piece 4 cm. I hope they don’t refund me again because I really don’t want to piss them off since I’m making the Silverballer replica with them.

I guess. That is what the description says


I was really happy when I saw they changed this.


I never even notice this. Looks much better this way.


You guys, this should be the new Hitman logo:



No it won’t. :wink::wink:


Not technically in game but the insignia appears on the December roadmap… on the wrapping paper.


Same exact thing I have been wondering as well.