Why is IOI refusing to use the Hitman Logo?


I think that with HITMAN™ 2016 being more of an attempt to bring new players into the series (and to make fans forget that Absolution existed :p) they used a more simple and modern look, ditched the fleur de lis and made a more simple logo: the game’s name.


All the previous four games before Absolution used the logo though.


and we still use the logo on a few things, it’s not gone yet, my men


Exactly, a few things that are not even noticeable. In fact if you don’t have the pre order DLC, you just have the logo on the Silverballer on a small medallion on the grips.


It’s a very minor thing, but I’m upset that in H2 they replaced the Fleur de Lis logo at the rating screen with five generic stars.



It’s a bit lame now, seeing the 5 stars flare up when getting a SA rating doesn’t feel as good as when it was the old iconic logo.


new players probably didnt know what the hell it meant. stars are more universally understood


The logo was first used in 2000 and it shows. It’s dated. Logos get old and are cycled/updated - par for the course. It’s not gone completely though and is still a pretty conspicuous inclusion on some weapons. It works well as a small insignia.

The ICA logo is way better IMO. Good, timeless design.


We, the ones that started from Codename 47, still don’t know what it means but it was always there and we liked it.
ICA logo yes, looks wonderful. But they should be divided like in Absolution: ICA weapons marked with the ICA logo and 47’s gear marked with the Hitman logo.
The ICA weapons in Season 1 and Hitman 2 are distinguish how? A barcode? They scan the gun before delivering it to 47 as they would do with a book in a library?
Beep. Ah seems that 47 still din’t return the ICA19. Send him a reminder letter.

I somehow imagine who ever is in charge there had a beef with the previous manager who liked a lot the logo or who designed it.

Really? You mean like this topic explains? :open_mouth:


i meant in the context of a rating screen. to new players: 5 stars usually indicates “good job!” 5 fleur de lises, not so much :stuck_out_tongue:


I think they can understand that when they get 5 logos for doing Silent Assassin and 1 logo when mass murdering everyone and 4 logos if they were spotted or killed a non target victim.


not everyone has common sense, sadly :^)



Its on the Gold Edition briefcase (DLC) which I find weird the more I think on it because it leaves out newcomers who got standard edition as if this logo is an exclusive club thing…don’t like that.
Someone new would see it and be like WTF is that? Because the branding has conditioned them to expect plain “ICA briefcase” styling etc.
It is weird.
Feels like devs only acknowledge logo because they feel they have to for hardcore fans and no one else.
Fact that they lock it behind Gold Edition, a product aimed at more hard-core fans obviously, suggests they decided to exploit the hardcore and give them a hierarchical sense of power by having access to something they are sentimentality attached to.
It’s weird to me.
Really weird.
Why create a hierarchy where veterans can be arrogant or feel arrogant like the logo is this secret club thing.
It does seem setup that way…


Exactly! A member here once told me that the logo is in the game and pointed out this briefcase and the Black Lilly.
My reply still stands The logo is there but they sure want you to pay for it to have it.

IOI: Want to use something that has the logo? Pay 30€ more please. Or even better! You want to have the logo in your hands on a case? DO YOU??? That will be 150€ thank you.


It definitely feels excessively capitalist.
Could potentially create divisions among old and new fans. The old are partitioned off into getting Gold edition content to feel “special” and new fans are excluded to the point of wondering WTF classic Hitman iconography even means or represents. It’s very strange.
Executive Briefcase icons etc. would be meaningless to newcomers so it seems deliberately setup in a divisional way.


Serious question, how to you create a petition online?
I want to make one for the original Silverballer or Blackballer and the logo. I want to spam it till they don’t send a real Hitman to kill me.


Don’t get why logo just doesn’t stay canon.
Bugs me more when this is the same new HITMAN that has a massive Bird logo for Illuminati type guys “Providence”. So bad guys get dramatic logos etc but ICA logos become non-canon?
Just make Fleur De Lis canon. It’s no more strange than giant bird statue that burns a lady on a cult secret island. I mean really…It’s bizarre.
Like they want Hitman to be this minimalist seriousness but dropping all that to make bad guys more OTT than a Bond volcano lair bald prick with a pet cat that smuggles diamonds for him.
It’s like they let loose creatively for bad guy stuff but have ludicrously rigid “Do’s” and Don’t’s" for what the ICA and 47 are allowed creatively…them MK2 weapons eh?
Careful now, don’t want to push the boat out too far…calm ourselves…nearly granted 47 a new gun over a pink sticker on a duplicate item…phew.


There is a Siege 300 who actually has the ICA logo on the back. But the same Sniper in Hitman 2 has not the ICA logo.
I might be wrong but I didn’t see it. I thing it was the Ghost Siege.
Then I will not spam it but just make an online petition.


Oh wow.
Hello darkness my old friend.
I miss Sieger 300 Ghost being jet black…seems more grey now, at least it hasn’t an obnoxious pink sticker :yum:


Some people are acting like overly attached girlfriend. For e.g. @badeaguard
The logo has no meaning. Had no meaning ever.
When there is nothing much to related to the logo developers don’t want to use it in the game.
And that is right thing to do.
Five stars instead of five logos is better. It’s universal rating.
They have still kept it around for few items in game is more than enough.
Unless IOI come up with any concrete back story about logo I don’t want to see it in game prominently.
Maybe they have considered giving meaning to the logo, but was not fitting the narrative.
This is coming from a person who loved the logo and Iliked to do handmade sketches of it. It was my insignia that nobody knew what it was that looked cool.


Sorry but it does have one, it is some symbol related to Ort-Meyer. So for years 47 has had the symbol of his torturer and depriver of a normal life and had it emblazoned on his gear.