Why is IOI refusing to use the Hitman Logo?


Why Ort-Meyer has that logo and why it was on the gate of asylum is not known. So there is not back story there.


My guess was of was some sort of logo. In florionics lily flowers are a symbol of purity and innocence. Some cultures it is a funerary flower but many other have roses fulfil that tradition


We have something in common. Did the same and still doing it now


That is your guess. Most of us had our own theory. It was never explained what is the meaning of logo by hitman developers in early years. Maybe they had backstory, maybe they didn’t. And if they did had the backstory it was lost in translation when the development teams got new faces and lost original ones.
What IOI is currently doing is good instead of slapping us with meaningless logo everywhere in game.


Well I guess they should add 47 hair like Lucas Grey, remove the tie like they are doing with the gloves and change the voice actor like they wanted to do with Absolution since something so important has no meaning to you.
You shouldn’t change something that was there since the start. We might not know what the logo means but we know it belongs to 47 like the Silverballer did.
Who ever decided to remove the logo must be the same people who were genius enough to think MK II look could replace it.


I wouldn’t mind seeing 47 with hair.

That argument is why EVERY suit now comes with gloves after I do ETs instead of casual tourist w/ hat it is casual tourist w/ gloves, tuxedo with gloves with mask on and on and on.

We never got a chance to even hear Malpother at the role, granted he might have done a worse job and Bateson is perfect, he is not immortal and he might want to expand his career like Kyd.


Maybe it was the logo of the medical facility. 47 took it as a token when he killed 5 fathers and all other clones.
The story is all messed up now. We knew 47 took revenge and killed five fathers already prior to the events of H1 & H2.
He did not have any memory of his past according to new story, then how did he knew to kill five fathers as a part of revenge?


I said that HITMAN™ (2016) was made with the intention to redeem the franchise and to ignore Absolution, or “make fans forget it existed” :stuck_out_tongue:



OK you win the only thing wrong with 47 was that stock door sound effect in the background. But William should have like an IO spin-off assassin game.

Still feels wrong comparing the beta voice files in absolution to the completed Hitman 2,


mapother should voice a new ET. he plans to assassinate Bateson for replacing him in Absolution. 47 must stop him before he does!


Ahhem may I point you to the mission called The Icon


Fleur de Lis logo is an stylized lily flower, which is commonly used in funerals and such.

It’s kinda fitting for Ortmeyer to use it, seeing as he’s involved in the whole creating-clone-assasins-for-hire business for the Illuminati.

Haven’t played C47 in a while but weren’t those kills just contracts to him? No personal stakes involved, he didn’t know about the revenge thing since it was just business to him.


@vadapav go play Codename 47 again.
@Tiki2970 He was set up by Ort Meyer to kill them all, only at the end he discovered what he is and how was he made.


Are the codenames 47 servers still up and running? Or can i unlock ingame items offline?


Even better! You can buy items ingame with the money you earn by completing missions.


they euro ultra minimalistic yo


i understand that IO wants to make Hitman more accessable to new Players, and i’m fine with the handholding in Missionstories and so on (as long as it can be turned off), but fuck em when it comes to Lore, when they are interested in the Story, they will read it online or even better: play the old Games themselfes.

You have to be retarded to not understand that 5 Logos are better than 1 Logo in the Context of a Ratingscreen.


That is the problem, the lore is fucked! Every time IO try to change it a vocal factions make IO go into damage control and suddenly their retcons just make things worse.


Why would you want to tweak your puzzle game to appeal to these people?