Why is IOI refusing to use the Hitman Logo?


Five stars instead of five logos is worse. It’s generic rating.


He didn’t want to expand his career. He did State Of Decay 2 which isn’t exactly a big game


And Danny Elfman did Nacho Libre after working with Tim Burton. You won’t make ten out of ten albums all the time, he needs to eat and A grade albums take time.


I don’t understand what does it have to do with anything. I thought you meant that he abandoned Hitman to chase bigger projects with more payment. But it isn’t true cause he did SoD2 which is a pretty low budget(and low quality) game.


No I am saying that Kyd just wanted to expand his portfolio, do other projects and such. In fact Kyd’s career was not even the topic for discussion he was analogy I used to make my point.


In fact we were discussing the absence of a trademark.
If you type Hitman Logo on google guess what comes out?


What does this symbol symbolize? 47? ICA? Ort-Meyer? Like lore-wise

Edit: Specifically lore wise. It symbolises Ort-Meyers and 47s origins in the story, i assume


What did you expected to come in search results?
It’s the hitman logo since 2000 till H1.
Your comment " Ah see what comes if you type hitman logo in image search" is nonsense.
At least try to be serious for what you are fighting for.


Generic = simplistic = accepted by masses as standard = uncomplicated = better recieved by masses.


So it is the Hitman logo? People know what it is?


What is a definition of a logo?
It represented hitman games in iconic form as desktop shortcut apart from being references in game.
Now we don’t have that icon. We have H and H2. So it means it’s not a logo anymore.


Generic = bland = nothing to attract masses=disliked by core fanbase

I bet you’d like 47 to grow hair, remove his barcode, stop being a clone cause that’s more generic and would be better recieved by masses.


Comparing 47s appearance and fate of logo is useless.
They minimised using logo for whatever reason. Of they don’t have a reason to use it they should minimise it.
What would they reply if press asks Hey what does that logo mean?
Do you want to say them - we don’t know, it was there from the start.


People have already given you many examples. And that’s still a dumbass excuse to make. What if they asked them “Why the fuck 47 is rated with stars? Is he an Uber driver or something?” ?

Edit: only now do I get the irony of replying to Uber and giving an analogy based on Uber


I have to say I am really glad they didn’t change VA’s. Malpother sounds so generic like Thomas Janes Punisher watered down. Not that he is a bad voice actor, I am just too accustomed to Bateson I guess. It reminds me of Michael Ironside, loved the hell out of him voicing Sam Fisher then they changed it in Blacklist and the new VA just didn’t sound that great. I guess it wasnt his fault and it wouldn’t be Malpothers just to much to live up to when replacing an actor in a series of games spanning several years.


‘Really? You mean like this topic explains? :open_mouth:

Yes, as per your original post and the reason for your thread. I thought that’s why we’re all here.


Yes we are.

@UnitedFyodor I like it a lot when people defends the logo and cares as much as me.
But my preoccupation stands that the next Hitman game, very likely to be called Hitman 3, will have even less of the logo if not completely removed.
And by the look at the final cutscene from Hitman 2 I fear they will ditch even the iconic suit. They will go more tactical with the franchise and step by step the old games will be forgotten in the same way arcade games are now.
Just a small fear I have.


I don’t mind being spoiled for this one, please tell me what happens in there. 47 without his suit isn’t 47.


Do you have the Raven suit? He wears that in the final cutscene while he goes away with Subject 6 on a boat.


You know if all you love about 47 is a few articles of clothing and logo that is not even his then that typically means it is a bad character. 47 is BA not because of some pussy flower symbol or some suit. It is because is a stone cold killer with broad skill sets, dry wit and a hidden softer side.