Why is IOI refusing to use the Hitman Logo?


Yes it does! You see that thing the first thing that comes in your mind is Agent 47. I insist is a part of him.
If it wasn’t then IO would had never put it everywhere.


Yes, but only by association of seeing it for 5 games and knowing what it means. Thematically it doesn’t really mean anything.


I disagree here. We can only imagine and give it a meaning because IO never took their time to explain it’s origin.
Same goes for the Mystery Man we can say.


marketing changes. teams change. ideas change. it’s what happens when a game franchise prolongs for over a decade.

the new face of the franchise is 47 himself, and not logos or stylized marking anymore. the steam icon for 2016? 47. they’re trying to minimalize the designs of the series. no #s on the barcode, no more stylized title fonts. where are they gonna slap the old logo on their new menu screens? next to the incredibly low detailed HITMAN(tml logo? no. even the menus look like a console game selection screen.

im sure they’ll sprinkle it here and there but it’s no longer THE logo. sorry :confused:


So was the weird phosphor green interface and the videos in briefings but they cut that shit out in Silent Assassin, it didn’t fit with the goals and the way they wanted to move the brand forward.

Dude it was the main thing most people remembered about 47 the moment he appeared in pop culture, and it’s way easier to compress and use in marketing than a logo that looks like of like a H. I mean in the books the authors don’t have any good way to summarize it so keep referring to it as a Fleur De Lis even though it looks almost nothing like a conventional fleur de lis.

Lots of characters undergo major rebranding throughout their careers if they live long enough, particularly if the item is something that is hard to explain/compress or linked to a specific event (like say, an escape from a building in an origin story that doesn’t translate well into modern times).

The logo appeared on lots of stuff because it was a logo and that’s what conventional branding says you do - but conventional branding also says if the logo doesn’t work in service to you then should ditch it. 47’s signature look doesn’t require the logo. The ICA has it’s own logo. 47 doesn’t have an in universe reason to have his own logo. The logo doesn’t work well for marketing/branding because people can’t see it and then go “I wonder what that is…” and look it up (Google: “weird H squiggly lines”).

The logo can never compete with “bald guy with a barcode who dresses in a black suit with a red tie”

It’s still a demand which is not really polite or respectful, particularly if the basis of it is “I want it!”


Ok fair point. Most of people I talked with knows him by the barcode.

I think I’m not the only one who wants it. There are people out there who tattooed the logo on them.
Its a wonderful design that was used for 16 years. It’s a shame to remove it.

You might play the game for the strategy it has to offer, but I love Hitman because of it’s character and style.
And in that style the symbol is included.

And that Batman there had only a scene of 10 minutes max. I don’t think in their 50+ years of Batman the symbol was absent?


the logo is still related to Hitman. they never removed it :smiley:


Replay Hitman season 1 and tell me besides the ICA Silverballer where else you see it.
The inventory main menu doesn’t count.


the scoreboard? isn’t that enough? it’s clear they haven’t forgotten about the logo. its on the scoreboard and blackballer. it’s not hard to understand their branding is different now but they still keep in mind the old logo.


But they show less and less of it. As a member mention above, not even the pre ordered Italian Briefcase has it.
It’s worrying considering how the past game the briefcase was portrayed with it.

The barcode is a good design as a loading screen but lame to use it as 47 trademark. By this logic every store item reminds us of 47.


they show less of it because their branding is different!! :smile: (i dont like that theyre removing from the briefcase tho)

and that barcode point makes no sense :’) the barcode is shown alongside 47. like you said, ppl remember 47 as a bald assassin with a barcode on his head! not by the spider looking logo they put on the games before


It might not be that they’re “refusing” to use it, as if they’re going out of their way to do this… They’re just not plastering it all over the place like it were prideful symbol like a gang-sign or some other silly reason. That’s not the same as forgetting it all together.

eta: And, I’ll just say that now I’ve seen a flower in the negative space - I can’t unsee it. And I’m fine with that. :grinning:


It does, if there is something representing 47 better than the barcode is the serial number under.
But… guess what? They removed that as well like @MrOchoa pointed out .

There was a pool at the reveal of Hitman 2 and one question pop out. What does the Hitman symbol represents, fleur de lys, Barcode, etc. 67% if I’m not mistaken choose the barcode while only 17% or something similar knew the correct answer.
So this means IO stated clear that the symbol represent 47, but considering 67% of that pool choose the barcode only means they started from Absolution or Season 1 where the logo was less used.


nobody remembers the serial number. they know it as a “barcode tat”. not “a barcode tat but the numbers under it has 47 in it which is why he’s agent 47!!” people remember the tat because it’s unique and its a barcode. something not usually associated with humans (in this case genetically engineered humans).

also don’t bother with polls or whatever. og hitman fans recognize the symbol anyday. you have to remember some people started with absolution or 2016! big gap between releases of BM and the newer games.


True, but as I’m continuously stating, the Symbol is part of 47!

It was there since the begging of the franchise right on every game front cover.
You can say that it does not matter, but it does for me and most of the hardcore fans the same way it matter when they removed David Bateson or how it would matter if suddenly 47 has hair.


By the way, I would like to show you my 3D printable logo :grin: A project soon to be done.


of course the symbol is part of 47, all im saying is it wouldn’t look particularly fitting with the new marketing strats (im shocked they even considered a hotline miami vibe with H2’s marketing, they’re going wild at IO).

also cool project. i think thats the first thing i’d do if i got a 3d printer :ok_hand:


Thank you, but it requiers a heavy modification on the left side.
This will be used on my carrying case replica.


I miss this logo so freaking much!


Depends on how you define “the symbol”, it’s changed wildly over 50+ years. Batman is by far more consistently recognized by his bat-eared cowl and cape combo.


Likewise, 47 is by far more consistently recognized by his bald head + suit combo and the barcode on the back of his head. Hence… the memes.


You could say the same about any one of the previous bat symbols - the thing is that it’s still uniquely Hitman, it just now dates at what point you got excited about the property. So really it adds to the prestige of such a mark… which it kind of does anyway depending on what particular variant of the Hitman symbol you use.


Most of them there are fan made, actually all of them besides 3. I’m talking about the one in game.

My favorite is the Silent Assassin one. Looks like something out of a Spawn movie or something the Grim would have.

But com’on. Don’t tell me you don’t like the Hitman Symbol?