Why is IOI refusing to use the Hitman Logo?


I like it.

I also liked how Adam West’s Batman included ridiculous jokes and used BAM! POW! for fight scenes but I don’t think that every Batman feature needs to do that (particularly since the BAM! thing was due to massive censorship standards by the now redundant Comic Code of Approval).

I liked when Diana was just a name on the bottom of emails on a weird retro computer. I liked when all 47’s gear was disposable and “signature” weapons were just ones that people felt looked coolest in the wallpapers.

Things change, times change, visual language changes. The original logo doesn’t really fit with the clean, modern look that matches well with the modern espionage genre. What was a cool eye grabbing logo in 2001 doesn’t have the mileage that it used to have.

The logo’s not going anywhere - it’s always going to be part of the previous games.


The logo is cool. It looks great, and I like it.

That is all.


Little bit surprised the Hitman logo isn’t on the new briefcase, of all places.

Even though IO have always denied it there is something about the visual style and design elements of HITMAN and HITMAN 2 that screams ‘soft reboot’. Things like remodelling the Silverballer and throwing out dual wielding.

None of the these things have any real impact on the gameplay but it is intriguing nonetheless.


I just become ambitious to replicate the Symbol and put my designer right away at work to modify some parts that I notice they are not quite identical (as soon as he reads my email).

I’m very pleased to announce that I’m going to replicate the original logo from Hitman 2 Silent Assassin and it should be done in 3-4 weeks I hope.
The price as you see is very cheap and I’m pretty surprised about that.

Will be back here with photos once I have it.


I don’t really miss it either. It’s good that it was part of the previous games without it there would be something missing. But I didn’t go “Waaaait a minute? Where is the iconic logo?!”

I actually forgot that it was missing from HITMAN… shrug


it looks dated - the logo is really early 00s and it’s 2018. why not update things and move on, particularly when the franchise has other more recognisable/memorable visuals.


Because its the Logo of a Brand, like the Swoosh from Nike. The Swoosh is from 1971 and the never dated it up or got rid of it - and they will never, because its an iconic Logo. The Hitman Logo is also nearly twenty years old and thats almost ancient in this Branche - imagine the next Super Mario would abandon his Red Cap, its just stupid.


I don’t get it. Is it that hard to introduce a backstory in which 47 demands the ICA or whoever customizes his hardware to engrave the logo just as a reminder of where is he from?


and many brands change and update their logos, it’s not a new thing


But it wasn’t updated or changed. It was simply removed.


in favour of other symbols, like the barcode


This may be an unpopular opinion…

I think they should remove the logo entirely actually. Phase it out. Let it die. I agree with the “it’s 2018 not 2000” argument to a degree. It really does look dated and “edgy”. It would get people to shut up about why it isn’t in MORE places. Be happy it’s on the Ballers and Scoresheet because it looks as if it was going to be cut ENTIRELY.

In Hitman Contracts the logo on the brief case looked terrible, it only looked good when it was tiny and gold like the blood money version. It has alot to do with the asylum 47 came from. The new HITMAN doesn’t really recognize much with 47s past, moreso making him a coherent character of the present in which a logo with those origins and that time era doesn’t fit in now with today’s marketing and such.


What the frick


Do you even know where the current storyline is about?


Dude HITMAN literally starts out twenty years into 47’s past, when he first meets Diana. And in the final cutscene were left with a cliffhanger regarding 47s childhood :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah you guys are right actually. Idk what I’m thinking. It is about his past lol


All I can say about this, I f-cking hate this new “clean modern” desing. Unfortunately this has become a trend not just for Hitman series but in general. More and more games go for a bland uninspiring design that doesn’t represent the game in the slightest. Just look at Ubisoft games. Doesn’t matter whether they are set in modern world, or in Egypt, or somewhere else, we still see the same clean looking iPad-style menus that bore the shit out of me.


By this logic every corporation should remove its brand right? They should sale phones and computers with out a logo. Apple should ditch their famous logo because IT’S 2018 PEOPLE.
In every store from now on they should put their products blank, with no brand, just a writing that says what you’re buying because it’s 2018 right?

And since it’s 2018 IO should remodel the barcode of 47’s back head with this so Ort Meyer can scan the clones directly with his brandless smartphone

This makes no sense at all.


Tbh a QR-47 would be a great April’s fool.


Minor note but the symbol (while hard to see) is on the preorder briefcase for hitman 2.


I don’t trust anymore what they show. Season 1 had the briefcase on the cover and the Blackballer and where are they now?