Why is IOI refusing to use the Hitman Logo?


when a logo has been part of the main branding for what, 18 years now, I wouldn’t call it arbitrary.


The Hitman logo is still in use, but just not “everywhere” like it was before, maybe IO-I have a feeling that the logo is used too much? A logo overkill if you want.


Why not? There’s not methodology to creating a logo, no system, no agreed upon syntax. It’s a symbol you choose based off… whatever you want it to communicate to whatever audience.

That you have sentimental attachment to it doesn’t change that and doesn’t mean anything to the person who just started playing Hitman, or the person who sees and has never player Hitman or connected it to Hitman.

Hence why Batman’s logo has changed so many times.


Shouldn’t have written that. People will claim that the Batman logo evolved but still looked like a Batman logo. :smiley:


you do realize that you could say the exact thing about Bateson? what are you even arguing? I’m sorry I have “sentimental value” to the logo that has been part of the franchise for 18 years

also, the logo creates recognition by familiarity with the design (associating it with Hitman, the franchise)


i’m so confused, what even happened with this Bateson/logo thing? what are we even arguing, the logo is still being used, as merch, ingame images, it hasn’t disappeared or even been changed. Bateson is still Agent 47. what’s the big deal :confused:

until they decide to completely remove or drastically change the logo, there’s no problem with being attatched to it. it’s still part of Hitman.


Oh man 01
I was surprised that many people think this symbol of the series is so unnecessary.


Having that scene shoved in our face several times during the series doesn’t help.
The scene is half cool, half cheesy. :smiley:


I am baffled by the logic of accepting (and even encouraging???) the reduction/removal of something we had for 18 years that is a pretty distinct visual identifier to the Hitman franchise as a whole. It’s a cool symbol that doesn’t affect gameplay in anyway but not having it still lessens the overall experience to a degree, no matter how small. Why NOT have it? It’s a cool little art piece that helps distinguish the Hitman games from others and breaths some mystery into this enigmatic “World of Assassination”. Of course there are other aspects like the barcode, disguise system, bald head etc etc. but why can’t we also include the Fleur de Lis? What the hell is wrong with more art in a game? (It might take up some resources to add it in game but honestly it can’t take up so much that it starts to affect other facets of development). This whole less-prominent Fleur de Lis situation also feeds into one of my gripes of IoI seemingly soft rebooting the Hitman series with 2016 and slowly phasing out a lot of the charm and identity of the old games by changing the music style, the tone, de-aging 47, removing dual Silverballers which aren’t even the actual Silverballers, missing gameplay features like the Fibre Wire animation; the list continues. I play old Hitman OSTs in the background while playing 2016 because if I just use the in game music, it legitimately feels like I’m playing a completely different game. Honestly I would have less contention with the Fleur de Lis’ absence if HITMAN 2016 actually felt like it inhabited the same universe as the previous games, but as it stands, my distaste for the lack of its inclusion is a symptom of a larger problem.


Uhhh, what?





They literally are identical. What’s your point? The Hitman logo changes as well from game to game but it has its shape intact changing colors or the depth of it.

Are you people trolling not carrying for the logo or you play Hitman skipping the cutscenes and play it just for?
Sorry but now it becomes absurd.
They remove the Silverballers, they remove the Logo, they almost removed the gloves and they didn’t add the briefcase for 2 consecutive games.

But you are ok with that because developers choice right? Yet there was an online riot to bring back Bateson.
I’m ok with altering a little the Symbol’s design. But not removing it from the game and pretend 47 never had things marked with it.
And I’m just pointing out facts comparing each game. I’m reading all the comments and only @Pissfloyd and some few little seems to have some common sense here and logic.

And forget the merchandising. I’m talking IN GAME! IN GAME LOGO Something present from year 2000


If you say so. :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

You just told me they are identical and others are trolling?

Dude, just look at Pepsi. It started off as text. Then later became an orb with text, to an orb with no text.
Look at Renault. From a symbol with birds to a diamond with text. How is that identical?
Not to mention the others I posted and the fiat images that Urben posted.


So far I was trolling but my honest opinion is that the logo is not that important to me. I found it weird to put logos on equipment of a secret Hitman.


But having a barcode on a bald head isn’t?

If I’m not mistaken in other companies games developers actually take their time to explain their fan reasons of modification and such.

In here I tagged 2 IO developers about the Blackballer and they just ignored me answering different questions.

There is how ever one here kind enough to answer. Nick I believe, I asked him once about the Silverballer if they ever intended to make a replica or to introduce cutscenes in game like The Saints trailer and he replied to me very nicely.


It’s almost like the developers are on a mission to make the game more generic and strip it of its style and atmosphere. And it’s baffling that a lot of players are actually okay with it.

The symbol itself isn’t a huge deal, but all those things put together (face, music, animations, weapons…) are outright sad.


There’s literally nothing wrong with these two and you’re finding things to bitch about that are better than any past game in the series.


It is but for me as someone who only played BM before and this also not too excessively, the barcode is something more iconic than the symbol. For returning players like me, the design changes did not hurt at all. Maybe IOI went this way: realism where possible, iconism (does this word exist?) where needed.

Nobody likes the middle-way, but the least are hurt with it.


Nothing wrong with his face… except it’s no longer the same person, and the change was absolutely random and unwarranted.

In general, yes, animations are kinda… okay. Except some kill animations became very dull and unsatisfying (fiberwire, knife). A lot of other animations (walking, reloading) are kinda there, very boring looking. It also remains to be seen whether the briefcase will be animated upon release of Season 2, but something tells me that even if it is, the animation will be very nominal, just to shut people up.

Once again, as I said, each of those things isn’t a big problem on its own, but all in all, the game seems to have lost a lot of style points.


Boring reloading? Really? Do you want 47 to juggle the mags or something?