Why is IOI refusing to use the Hitman Logo?


This isn’t a reboot IO said Makes 47 model a lot more younger

We assure you this isn’t a reboot and the story continues from Absolution said IO Removing all the iconic weapons

The story continues in the year 2019 right after the event from Absolution says IO Removing the scar from the barcode and the serial number indicating 47 birth date

We said HITMAN isn’t a reboot stated IO While Removing the iconic Hitman Symbol

But developers choices. Fans ok with that, they see no difference.


I’m fine as long as the benefits come from GAMEPLAY. Wtf do I care if a gun has a specific handle or logo on the suppressor or whatever? As long as it’s good enough, I’d rather they spend their time and resources on gameplay. So it doesn’t mean that I don’t care, it just means that a similar black gun (ICA 19) is fine for me being the blackballer. I’d rather nitpick where it matters…gameplay.


Idk, but it was more satisfying in Blood Money, there was a certain “click” to them, and they were not as super fast as they are now.


You’re right; it’s now in higher definition and no longer looks like garbage.


Source, plz? I’ve only seen interviews where they said the opposite.


Really? It looks like in Absolution his face was more detailed.


That’s likely because it was in mud all the time and there was a bunch of scars on 47’s face.


What?IO never stated HITMAN is a reboot


lol no. His face is more detailed now. It’s also less awkward to look at, because in Absolution due to the camera being so close you could sometimes see the blocky edges of his head which made it look like an octagon.


They never say that. They always defended the rumors that is NOT a reboot and they stated in many many interviews that this is a sequel to Absolution.


Starts at 3:20
At 4:00 he says
“the events of the previous games have happened”

I have met tons of fans and players who think its a reboot or that the previous games don’t matter, THEY NEVER SAID THAT. Guess you can blame the title for this, the intro video after the tutorial missions that showed major hits from past games wasn’t a good enough message for most it seems.


you want Absolution 47 to be running around Sapienza looking like some homeless person?

they never removed them, they’re just designed differently. you don’t need a whole post about what changed on the Silverballer to notice that it’s different :stuck_out_tongue:

design choices, it’s not difficult to understand

again, when was it removed? they’re still selling merch of it and it’s still used for marketing. using less of it != removing.


It was removed in the game. This whole post is about IN GAME, in the cutscenes and in the load out, the story and personal belongings.
@cakeblock941 even the ICA logo is gone!

It is when it should be a sequel from Absolution.
I can already anticipate the bullsh*** IO can pull and invent that 47’s cells heals a lot more faster than any human being.

I want yes Absolution 47 because it looked like the age he should be. Absolution is the best face of 47 so far.
This face is perfect for a reboot which it is exactly no matter how much IO denies it.


if it’s not in the levels then it means it’s removed entirely? it’s still on the menus. they’re not refusing to keep it in the game. because it’s still there. i just don’t share your logic here.

also i just don’t share the opinion that Absolution 47 should be in 2016. it would horrendously out of place, i just wouldn’t want it. maybe a cleaned-up version of Abs47 would be nice, actually, but it’s still a simple design choice. them deciding that the face from Abs doesn’t fit 2016 is a design choice and doesn’t support your “2016 is a reboot” theory unless you want to somehow make it one.

it being a sequel from Absolution doesn’t mean that you can’t make design choices that are different from the previous game. it’s just not how it works.

you can keep on telling me all the proof that IO is some evil mastermind that insists on lying to the fans, i’m not believing it until they outright say they want it to be a reboot.


I don’t know why they won’t just say it that they did a “soft” reboot but all the evidence are there.

But hey, we are here to discuss opinions. I’m not asking anything. I just point out things that I dislike and that are obvious.

Re assuming all. I don’t like that they’re not using the logo more often like the old games. Some fans are on the same both as me some not.

But it makes me mad when people tries to find every excuse that the logo doesn’t represent 47.
It’s his signature like every human has his sign on a paper. 47’s is more “classy”.
It’s a signature like every corporation has one to identify it’s self.

It’s the most simplest thing to understand. It’s like basic math.


yes, i don’t like that they’re using less of it, but there’s no reason to get mad til they completely remove it imo.


I was not mad when I created the topic. Other members made me mad when they say it’s not 47 signature.

Like the desktop icon of the game has the logo just for.


sorry, not mad. there’s another word that i can’t think of rn, but not mad :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh I quoted too much. My bad. I know they said it isn’t a reboot but I was asking for a source where they said the story continues after absolution.

Ya, I know about it not being a reboot. My bad for over quoting. But never heard it continues the story of absolution. That’s what I’m asking for a source on.

So can you get me this source of interviews where they said that?

Reboot comments are above but nowhere in that did it mention it’s a “continuation” of absolution.


Because they rebooted the series in many aspects. As soon as you let go the old games, you’ll enjoy the new one more for what it is. It happened to me too. It’s a shame, but the Hitman we knew from C47 to Blood Money is no more.