Why is IOI refusing to use the Hitman Logo?


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I am happy this thread died. :slight_smile:

IO sitting in Denmark like:


It’ll come back :wink:



This is “homeless”, really? He looks far from homeless. He wasn’t covered in mud the whole game.

P.S. Honestly I’m starting to like Absolution, seeing how many nonsensical changes they made in HITMAN.



i liked the Absolution Face, the little Scar on his Chin and his scarred body shown in the opening Cutscene. he really looked like someone who lives a dangerous Life.


Thank god for that, the less they remind us of “that” game the better.
Lets call it a “soft” reboot and leave it at that, the previous games are part of the story but dont expect them to quote on them and they will retcon a lot of things (they already did with the abomination of a comic released a while ago)


The game is set in 2019 (Absolution was set in 2011) so story obviously continues after Absolution.It doesn’t continue the story of Absolution though,but it’s still a sequel with a fresh start.

The game is set in 2019 (Absolution was set in 2011) so story obviously continues after Absolution.It doesn’t continue the story of Absolution though,but it’s still a sequel with a fresh start.

The game is set in 2019 (Absolution was set in 2011) so story obviously continues after Absolution.It doesn’t continue the story of Absolution though,but it’s still a sequel with a fresh start.


I think it is better to listen to the person who cares if there are people do not care and who cares.
If the symbol is used in the trailer or cutscene and some of 47s signature items (briefcase, silverballer…etc) everyone will be satisfied.HitmanBloodMoney_2011-03-16_17-17-11-06


When people say Absolution didn’t happen or use whatever reasoning to invalidate Absolution, but the cutscene after the training level shows 47 killing the guy that was in Absolution… :man_facepalming:


Still a bit messed continuation because when 47 killed Dom Osmond, he didn’t had his Ballers (he uses an unsuppresed one to kill him in the cutscene) and his suit was dirty and messy.


I guess it wouldn’t go that well with tone of that cutscene and HITMAN.


And also that was a one-sided mirror, so 47 could actually see the guy he was killing. In the trailer he shots at the mirror blindly, makes no sense.


Speaking about his Ballers. That set of weapons was something new/different that was never used in game but just for that trailer only.

I guess they wanted to make 47 look cool for the trailer when he killed Dom.
I still remember that trailer because I was laughing when I saw they used an airsoft WA2000 for it and they left the bb port showing :joy:
From there I understood that they are modelling weapons from toy stores. The ICA19 is in fact a Tokyo Marui Colt

Unused version of a different Baller (replica of COLT National Gold Cup)


That is not a nice thing to say and it seems your hatred is against me and not the logo and we are here to discuss things as civil as possible.

While I’m here disappointed they’re not using it anymore like the old games, some where out there, there is a group of people who created the series and put a lot of effort and passion to create this symbol so the people like you can’t care or notice a difference.

Some years ago there were lot’s of firing at the IO studios. I really don’t know if there is any one there left from the Codename 47 era or even Blood Money but I had this strange idea that maybe someone from that group of people was smart enough to copyright the logo and the Silverballer.
Which leads the idea that IO must had payed an amount to use the logo and the name Silverballer only on just a couple if things.


I would like to see more of the Hitman logo and more ICA / cool stuff in the game, as it is part of its identity!!!

Compare Assassin’s Creed 1 vs the one to be released this year, and you see the difference in identity!!!


you missed my point lol (i meant his model as a whole). his whole posture and in my opinion his face would just not fit in 2016, no matter how canon it might be. maybe a cleaned up version of Absolution with more class and posture than 2016’s.

im sorry that i don’t like hunched over 47, pissed off 47 in a game where he’s supposed to be in bright sunny towns and be a fashion model.


You can say that about literally everything in every video game. Someone put a lot of work and passion in he weird retro computer in Codename 47, the church area in Silent Assassin, the weird dreamscape tutorial in Contracts, the killing spree funeral level in Blood Money and the bar brawl level in Absolution - that doesn’t mean they’re in any way obligated to put them in every game.

That is not how copyright works in any way shape or form - the silverballers are a pair of chrome finish pistols based off a real world pistol (the AMT Hardballer). Nobody can copyright them as a concept and the only way to protect the name Silverballer would be to trademark it. The logo is property of IO Interactive, he only way it can become anyone else’s property is if IO Interactive sells/gives it to someone, which would require a person with authority (ie a top executive) to sign off on.

Nobody is going to sign over the ownership of a logo that the company has been using in one of it’s products for fifteen years to an employee that’s being let go. It makes no business or personal sense.

These kind of absurd theories are really disrespectful to the staff at studios who are simply trying to make the best game they can, which in the case of a fifteen year old game means updating it.

Tomb Raider doesn’t look like it did fifteen years ago. Deus Ex doesn’t look like it did fifteen years ago. Why should the Hitman developers be forced into the Hell of having no creative influence and just reproducing the same game from twelve years down to the logo?

Is there a single reason other than your personal sentimental attachment to a logo that never reached mainstream recognition?


Sorry, I probably was a bit too furious. I just think that entitlement is toxic in a gaming community. Which is funny because I’m actually being quite hypocritical here, I think.

I don’t have that much connection with the Hitman franchise as some other people around here have. I just remember playing the first one when I was about ten or eleven years old and thinking “Wow! Look at those graphics! See the tie? It moves like it would in the real world! Wow!” And yeah, I liked the ending with Ortmeyer’s blood filling out the floor. It looked stylish.

I see it from this perspective: I am just so happy that we get more Hitman games. After Absolution, which to me was a disappointment but still a good game in its own right, I never thought I’d see a good Hitman game again. A game that deserves the name. And to me, the new game deserves it.

With or without the ICA and Fleur de Lys logos.

Yeah, I got sentimental when I bootet up Codename 47 and saw the briefing menu, the shop, heard the campy dialogues. I played it for 30 to 60 minutes and turned it off. Some things just belong in the past in my opinion.

Sorry for rambling so much. I didn’t want to come across as someone who hates on your opinion or on your passion for the franchise. If it sounded that way (which it probably did) I’m sorry.


Don’t worry man. We get carry away especially me. When i was 12-13 I used to draw the logo and stick it to everything including my bed and every school book I had and such had it drawn on the cover instead of my name :sweat_smile:
Don’t be sorry, we all have opinions. For example I’m surprised how @Jarbinger always has his way to make me shut up. Are you a lawyer in real life???

Hmmmm, just sentimental value and nostalgia I guess. But I repeat, it’s a shame they’re not using it more often like in the previous games. Yes it has no impact on the gameplay what so ever but it looked wonderful on items and it was nice to see.

And I have pretty much no idea how trademarks work and everything. My was a wild guess and an idea.