Why is IOI refusing to use the Hitman Logo?


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if he doesnt like the Logo then he is the fraud! :joy:

Edit: another thing that bugs me is the new lettering, it changed from this

into this


and now its this boring shit:


i wonder how uncreative this gets with the next Game, probably they will just use Comic Sans.
Maybe its just me, unwilling to let the past go, but new doesnt always mean better.


everybody sure does love their minimalism these days. you see it with all these high-price fashion brands like Gucci and things, as well as just most tech companies in general. it’s kind of sad but nothing we can’t grow out of in the future maybe :thinking:


Actually these days I am a debt collector/dispute resolution officer. Considering shifting to becoming a business analyst.

The main reason is the rise of handheld devices - people want a log that looks good on a small screen such as a tablet or someone’s phone. This applies to games as well because there’s been a huge rise in using let’s plays and streams as a means of assessing a game.

A simple, sharp logo that always pops and is clearly distinguishable/searchable is much more valuable now, than say, twelve to sixteen years ago when designers were getting excited about the increased potential of graphics cards and wanting to do first complex designs, then 3D designs, then metallic finish 3D designs for maximum virtual big dick energy.

Nowdays graphics are so far advanced that there’s no way to make a logo that really shows off your ability with them without making your logo otherwise unusable.

Another factor is accessibility and usability has become a big focus, particularly since all major games now have to be compatible with PCs and two different consoles. A logo that fits well as part of an easily accessible and interactive interface is worth much more than one that is kind of pretty against a plain black backdrop.

What will the future bring? Who knows, it all depends on which technologies take off and how designers find ways to maximise them. If VR takes off sufficiently then we may see a fad of logos that convert well to floating in 3D or even having potential for interactions.

Most of the designers I know would love that, since working in minimalism is very demanding but doesn’t allow for a lot of creative expression.


Random fact, Doom and Wolfenstein 3D weren’t actually 3D; they were done by raycasting (Wolf had a 2d map drawing your field-of-view of that map every ms, and Doom was done by drawing sectors)


I think we need to remember that the original Hitman font is very much a product of its time, just like current one.

The style that IO used for the first Hitman game is very typical for that period of time.

Even though I love the font, I don’t think it would fit in today’s world, just like wide ties and three button suits have gone out of style. The same can be said about these types of fonts, since like I said they are very much a product of their time. Today we moved more over towards simple and elegant fonts, and to be honest the more simple and elegant font fits the series better.

Agent 47 is per definition elegant, stylish and simple when it comes to his looks. The newer fonts reflects this much better then the over the top 2000’s font. It could just as well be a font for a Trash Metal band, it simply doesn’t fit the series anymore.

If there was a Hitman font I would like to bring back, it would be the font introduced with Contracts, it’s still simple and elegant, but it also has a bit more character and inst plain like the new one.


I prefer the new branding and general logo-less styling. Clean, efficient, and professional, which is consistent with the ideals the game tells you to strive for.

The old Hitman logo is too edgy for my taste. Why would the ICA have a logo like that anyway? What is it supposed to represent or evoke? I like that they left a homage to it in the score screen and left it at that.


I like the current branding and minimal look, as well. I can understand nostalgia, though. When there’s something you love, change can sometimes be challenging.


The logo isn’t from the ICA, it comes from Ortmeyer’s asylum.


The old logo was stylish and classy, this is the most gerenic logo I could think of.

But thats my opinion


Create text box > All caps > Insert border


Pick font
Adjust aspects such as height, vertical spacing, kerning etc
Do 500 more times
Show to focus group of fellow design people
Pick 10 with least problems
Start again


Or get it right the first time. Clearly is not as complex as the previous one. It’s just ine if the rebooted aspects


HMF is really strong about this whole reboot thing it seems :roll_eyes:


Literally nobody does design by “get it right the first time” in reality, that only happens in tv shows that need to use a montage or a inspiration moment.

Actual design work is done by iterations and requires a lot of consideration of a lot of factors - particularly with simple designs. I mean, look at how much people obsess over minor details of 47’s face and suit.

Even a simple character like that Shadow Client, who’s outfit and appearance seems very basic, goes through dozens of iterations. (Example concept art here)

Literally any design is ultra basic if you look at the final product then think of the easiest way to do it… the original logo is just “draw some squiggles then, cut, adjust and add another squiggle”

The reason why designers get paid is because the work they do is actually hard, you just never get to see the distance between the initial concept and the final product.

“Reboot” is the new “The Kayne and Lynch Team” it seems.


Thats maybe the Problem. Designers follow often actual Trends, they should rather make Focusgroups out of Fans and other Gamers.


Non-designers are generally not as helpful in providing feedback since they don’t understand the design principles and there is no reasonable way to run an early design past a “fans and gamers” group that would be useful - particularly when the economics of game design and the scenario means you have “fans and gamers” in the millions and you need your game to appeal not just to them, but to random strangers.

They also can’t be aware of overall requirements and general strategy. They don’t understand how a design might need to be able to convert well in various sizes, backgrounds, etc. However, as this thread is demonstrating: They will assume they are experts who can anticipate all of these things and their opinion will matter more than that of professionals.

Perhaps a better approach would be for gamers and fans to consider that perhaps their nostalgia is not objective and universal, and that perhaps the people making these decisions are also gamers and fans. But they are also ones who are aware of the realities that those not familiar with game development are not.


You’re right, a logo this bland and generic can only be the product of a long, expensive, design-by-committee process.

While I understand their desire for a more simplified theme here, I can’t help but think they missed an opportunity to evolve existing art properties. Instead, they opted for a ground-up redesign which ended up rather monotonous and uninspired. At least that’s my perception of it.


i think his point was that even a bland logo like 2016’s still has to go thru many iterations. passing it off with sarcasm is an easy way out, i guess, but really.

minimalism is a trend. designers follow trends to appeal to a wide audience. i’m not sure what’s wrong with changing the logo into a minimalistic style. it’s clear the direction the logo was starting to go more minimalistic over the years, although the Blood Money logo is where it starts to become more evident.

could the logo be any more bland? no. would i have liked to see a more interesting logo? yes. but it’s annoying to see the “lazy and uninspired” statement be agreed upon so much.


I think the symbol represents the letter “O” and “M” for Dr. Ort-Meyer I could be wrong though