Why is IOI refusing to use the Hitman Logo?


Well, we all have our tastes. Yet it’ll be a while before I’ll be impressed by all-caps in a text box.


You can be fairly minimalist without being absolutely uninspiring.


The one good thing about the game. (Sorry :slight_smile: )


But why would they plaster it on everything 47 uses?


what’s so inspiring about that logo? it seems everybody just likes that the font of the previous games were serif.

“just put text and box around it” = 2016
“just put text and line thru the middle” = Absolution
“just put text and put logo in between the words Blood Money” = BM

the fonts for BM and Absolution were more classy imo and better, but don’t trick yourselves into thinking they were more “inspired” or took more “effort” just because you like them better.


Well which seems more likely:
That graphic designers for video games, cars, beauty products, etc have all decided that after years of sweat and sacrifice to get to a position where they get to decide a new logo and just decided to spend under ten minutes on it.

This is such an epidemic that even famous egotist and fan of massively over the top shit just because, Hideo Kojima, has caught it.

Even his most personal and unlimited budget project is boring text with some half-arsed drip effect


These trends are due to particular important purposes which were discussed above and you decided not to address for unknown reasons. Possibly due to just assuming expertise despite there being a whole thread full of discussion here.

“it’s not my taste” isn’t a contribution to a discussion and at this point it doesn’t look like the designers are the lazy ones.

Yet nobody in this thread can come up with something more inspiring than “I want the old logo and the old fonts”.

It also makes the extremely uncharitable assumption that they didn’t workshop these various ideas, including variations on the logo and incorporating the logo into the general design.

However, based off the icons etc they have decided that the most exciting “logo” of Hitman is… believe it or not, 47. It’s like with photo-realistic graphics available on literally every device means that logo design can’t really top facial recognition instincts in humans.

Furthermore, the simple logo means they can the focus of their loading screens, posters, promos etc to be 47 looking cool without some weird shit distracting from him and the action.

Part of the problem with the logo is that in years and years of debate, literally nobody has ever come up with a conclusive explanation for what the logo stands for.

If you crop out the “ABSOLUTION” then you have Hitman in all caps… just in a serif font and with a red underline… I don’t think that’s more inspiring and it’s not really very versatile or adaptable. You can’t do stuff like this:

This is the benefits of a minimalist logo, it has a lot of options for integrations and can be incorporated without distracting from designs - it can also work on graphics, complex designs, big screens, mobile devices etc.

The Absolution logo basically only worked on empty full screens… it even had issues being on the cover art since the red blended into the other red, and they couldn’t use anything that’d clash with the red so their options were the ABSOLUTION disappears into the red, 47’s suit disappears into darkness or he has a sterile white background.

Image result for hitman absolution

Pretending to have expertise to say “it doesn’t have to be…” without making these considerations is extremely counter productive to conversation and getting your feedback noticed/appreciated.


All these lazy logos, can’t they afford a talented designer?

And I must know what I am talking about, because


they do hire talented designers. if you wanna go up to the people who have jobs based around this and tell them they suck, you can :stuck_out_tongue:


huh, I thought that was related to the lore of the game and them resembling umbilical cords or something. also, in relation to the Dunning-Kruger effect, what makes you an authority on logo design and IOI’s workflow?

again, what’s with the superior knowledge you have? aren’t you just (for lack of a better term) talking out of your arse in these instances?

(5 minutes in paint) I think it would work fine


Either text with minimal decoration is boring or it’s not.

Also like… it’s a Kojima game, the only thing we know for sure is we don’t know anything for sure.

Not really that important, since I can explain the basis for my stance, so if you wanted to contribute to the conversation there’s plenty there. But if you must know my credentials:

I have a degree in Multimedia which covered aspects of graphic and interface design, usability and versatility of design. I have worked on multiple software projects, including working with marketing teams and receiving the customer responses, I’m also personal friends who work in game development (specifically design and interface design) and my girlfriend is a professional graphic designer with ten years experience who likes to talk to me about her work.

You’re getting rid of the entire web site and the rest of the branding so you can make your boring logo that clashes with the text sit in the middle? That doesn’t demonstrate how it can be adapted for Hitman2, how it would work on multiple background types, it doesn’t fix the cover art demonstrated above and now you’ve got too many styles going on at once - you have the serif title, a different sans serif “ABSOLUTION” and two types of lines (steady and tapering) for no reason.

You also haven’t explained any way in which it works so literally all you’ve said is “I like my own work”, so there’s no reason to believe you considered anything or did anything but exactly what people are accusing the designers of: a lazy slapdash with the assumption it’s great. Though in your case, it shows.


you have to be joking right? of course it’s gonna clash with the rest of the design when the rest of the design is in a different font. I was trying to point out how the logo from absolution would clearly function with the format. make it work on different backgrounds? how about we put a border on it and call it a day (like the current one). nothing is wrong with the cover art for absolution.

pls, muh feels


Yes, I made that point. It’s part of why it’s a bad design.

I’m not sure why you would think anyone would call it a good design.

And you failed, you didn’t even look at the layout properly and notice that they used variants of the logo in multiple places on the same web page. This is evidence of good design on their behalf, because it blended in smoothly - and evidence that you didn’t even consider the brief in that you didn’t look at it.

Your logo needs to work on backgrounds, wallpapers, interfaces, desktop web pages, mobile web pages and it needs to be versatile in allowing for many variations as required. That means also anticipating the design elements that will be used in all of those.

You know, a lot of work.

Oddly relevant


I did notice but my knowhow with photo editing is limited. you could clip out the absolution and line and change the font to a white and it would look beautiful against the purple, like the current logo is white against purple.

no one said so? I was conveying how the logo would look fine with a webpage on smartphone format which you said was an impossible feat. why, because you think so? because I haven’t seen you provided any solid argument against it.

If you had done some proper examination and looked at a high-res you’d find out the text is black. honestly, I can’t for the life of me see a problem with this cover.

but I guess it’s bad because you think so right? ever heard of the dunning-kruger effect? sorry, not sorry


that’s actually pretty bad. why would they put such thin black text on a dark shade of red? :thinking:


objectively, yes the subtitle is a little hard to make out at a distance. however, I believe this was a
conscious design decision to follow the rest of the hitman cover arts.

subjectively, I think it looks classy with a subdued subtitle.


you can have ur opinion. i think it looks fine but that’s really bad design. having the subtitle be smaller point size is good, but the fact that you can’t see the subtitle from a distance is pretty bad


I can make out “absolution” just as well as “enter a world of assassination” honestly.


imo that’s pretty bad too. but at least they were smart enough to fade that area to white and have it be white on black instead of black on red. the reason it’s hard to see is bc of the point size, not the colors.

not to mention it’s not a subtitle for the game, just a tagline.


sure, that makes a difference.


sarcasm? i can’t tell :confused: