Why is there Accident KO radius on Accident Explosions?

The explosion kill radius on for ex; cars and propanes was considerably wider in HITMAN but ever since HITMAN 2 the kill radius has been reduced and accident ko radius has been added to it.
Why? What’s the point of it?

Not to mention accident explosion ko’s on a target also loses silent assassin rating.
Having accident ko’s like a low push or a banana slip, the ones that were added in HITMAN 2 serve much more practical purpose than slapping it onto an actual explosion, wouldn’t you agree?

Make the radius great again like it was in HITMAN!

Depends on "power’ and distance. Yes, it’s harder to kill with explosives and it might just knock them out.

Accident KO arguably has some use, for when you want to kill a target and not have nearby guards being knocked out count against you.

I do agree it is really annoying that accident KO on a target loses SA, it is contradictory especially when you consider that Kalmer tranquilizer KO on target is SA still.


with a giant dart sticking out of them no less.