Why it is not possible to get SA in Patient Zero (Hokkaido)


Just wanted to explain why it’s currently not possible to get Silent Assassin in the “Patient Zero” mission, since several people are wondering why they always get 0 points for Never Spotted without actually being spotted.

Here’s why:
Currently there’s a bug whereby you lose the Never Spotted bonus if you kill a non-target. I mentioned this in the Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread a couple of days ago. After more testing I discovered that it’s not only caused by you killing non-targets but also by non-targets dying in any way.
So if a non-targets dies by their own hand or by the hand of someone else during your run you will always lose the Never Spotted bonus. But it won’t affect the Silent Assassin challenge(s) because you didn’t kill them and because you don’t actually get spotted during your run. That’s why you still get Mission XP for Silent Assassin and Unnoticed and you still can unlock the challenge(s) because technically it’s still Silent Assassin, even though you only get 4 stars.

And the reason why this bug always affects “Patient Zero” is because a gardener jumps off a cliff at the start of the mission. Here’s a video by @introvert_ showing what happens right at the start.

You can easily test this bug yourself in “The Author” with the help of good old Jeff. He’s also the reason why you can lose the bonus there. If you take to long to finish the mission you will lose the bonus because he jumps off a cliff at around 3m45s.

How to test:
Do a SA run and complete all three objectives, preferably before the 3 minutes mark, because Jeff will leave his bench at 3m20s. Run up to him and safe the game. Wait till he jumps off the cliff, then exit the mission and you will get 4 stars and 0 points for Never Spotted. Now load up your safe and exit before he jumps off the cliff and you will get 5 stars/Silent Assassin.
Or you can watch this video which contains some examples of this bug.
First clip is showing that you will lose the bonus if you exit the mission after Jeff jumps off the cliff in “The Author”. Second clip is showing that you will lose the bonus if you exit the mission after Héctor Delgado ends his life in “Three-Headed Serpent”. Third clip is showing that you will lose the bonus if you exit the mission after Marco Abiatti kills the priest in “Landslide”. And the fourth clip is showing that you will lose the bonus if you exit the mission after you kill a non-target.
In this clip I play a contract with a mandatory Do not get spotted complication. Normally this complication makes it impossible to finish a mission with 0 points for Never Spotted because you will immediately fail the mission if you get spotted. And as you can see I’m able to finish the mission after I kill the target and a non-target, and I get Mission XP for Unnoticed because I wasn’t spotted, but I still get 0 points for Never Spotted.

With this bug you basically can lose the Never Spotted bonus on every mission/map where non-targets die by their own hand or by the hand of someone else. Probably even if they die by accident due to their own or someone else’s fault. But I couldn’t think of a case where something like this happens, otherwise I would have tested it and included it in the video.

By the way, this bug was not there on release and came with the November patch, that’s why several people have Silent Assassin in the “Patient Zero” leaderboards.

You will lose the Never Spotted bonus if a non-target dies in any way during your run.
You always lose the bonus in “Patient Zero” because a gardener jumps off a cliff right at the start of the mission.

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I’ve experienced a similar issue and have always wondered why? Thanks for the insight onto why that is. Strangely enough, I still unlock Silent Assassin challenge trophies, but don’t actually get silent assassin


Ah… that’s why I didn’t get 5 stars…

BUT… the game still awarded Silent Assassin and Suit Only as well as Silent Assassin Suit Only in the Challenges/Feats accomplished. :wink:


So we have to somehow stop this guy topping himself? Why on earth . . . ? Run up the steps, around to the left and somehow shoot near him to scare him, is that what’s needed? What a bizarre thing to put in!


Thank you for this knowledge sharing. Good info!

  1. Bathroom
  2. Kitchen
  3. Cliffs


We do not need to do anytning besides wait until they fix it


NIce, so actually getting spotted doesn’t lose you the bonus but stupid shit like this does.


Thank you @clckr for the info. I was wondering why I had lost SA during one run of the Author and, of course, during every attempt at Patient Zero. I was also curious as to how some were able to SA the latter mission. Now, I know.


Maybe it’s IOI’s way of collecting all cheaters, so they can take them all out in one swoop in few months.

But at least now I know what these two guards are doing there.


Getting marked down for random NPC deaths that have nothing at all to do with your actions in the level? Why, hello there Hidden Valley, my old friend.


This is exactly the reason why a patch NEEDS to be implemented ASAP! It’s absolutely ridiculous that this scenario with losing the points for “never spotted” continues to go on…IOI get it in gear please!


Why does the gardener do that? Is there some kind of story / mission opportunity surrounding that cliff dive?


Not in Patient Zero; it’s not possible to get to the guy before he jumps. I don’t think it’s possible to even get a bullet strike near him to produce a response that might delay him and even if so you’ll die or at the every least lost most stars and points. Weird.


Thats what im wondering too. He didnt do that in my many runs 2weeks ago. I got 5 stars when i did any SA related challenge and no non-target kills showed up on the screen in-game :thinking:


huh I got SA in PZ Hokkaido … but in the previous patch, not the 2.12 patch.


5 stars, leaderboard SA or challenge completed SA?


SA is quite possible, I don’t have five stars yet but got the SA challenge. Do you mean five stars?


oh not sure about the stars


Hopefully they will patch this in the next update. But the chances aren’t looking good because they just released an update on 1-21-2019 and it didn’t fix it. Nor did they list this bug in their “known issues” section of the patch notes. :confused:


I wish I’d known about this bug before spending nearly 3 hours trying for SA/SO. I think I killed about 100 infected, 1 at a time. Very frustrating.