Why it is not possible to get SA in Patient Zero (Hokkaido)


Thats what im wondering too. He didnt do that in my many runs 2weeks ago. I got 5 stars when i did any SA related challenge and no non-target kills showed up on the screen in-game :thinking:


huh I got SA in PZ Hokkaido … but in the previous patch, not the 2.12 patch.


5 stars, leaderboard SA or challenge completed SA?


SA is quite possible, I don’t have five stars yet but got the SA challenge. Do you mean five stars?


oh not sure about the stars


Hopefully they will patch this in the next update. But the chances aren’t looking good because they just released an update on 1-21-2019 and it didn’t fix it. Nor did they list this bug in their “known issues” section of the patch notes. :confused:


I wish I’d known about this bug before spending nearly 3 hours trying for SA/SO. I think I killed about 100 infected, 1 at a time. Very frustrating.


No need to kill any infected, if you distract the nurse whilst she’s on the stairs.


If you take a while, there’s a doctor you have to watch out for :expressionless: you would think these people would be smarter not to go into an infected place, surely the hazmat suits give it away :smile:


Bumping up this thread since the never compromised bug is still not fixed

This is the gardener easter egg https://youtu.be/njW15mvRexA

The gardener easter egg was added in H2016. A recent patch made it so the suicide got you to lose never compromised, it’s currently impossible to get 5 stars because u can’t prevent it.

The SA related challenges can be completed though, that’s not an issue

This bug also made it so that all suicides or murders caused without you doing them/setting them up gets you 0 on never compromised
So what needs to get fixed is a bug that prevents you from getting never compromised rating if a suicide/murder not caused by 47 happens.

The gardener comitting suicide when you spawn in Patient Zero-Hokkaido isn’t the only map that has this never compromised bug when a suicide happens but it’s the only map that you can’t prevent the suicide and bug from happening, since you can’t do nothing to prevent the gardener from comitting suicide right when you spawn, so your hands are tied and there is nothing you can do about it.

Patient Zero gardener suicide can’t be prevented and you’ll lose never compromised, only gets you 4 stars and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Some examples would be Landslide w/Padre, The Author w/Jeff, Three Headed Serpent w/H.Delgado and Chashing A Ghost w/mole (Rangan tower)
All these have suicides/a murder not caused by you and they CAN all be prevented, if you let their suicides/trigger them to happen then you lose your never compromised

So there are 2 issues
1: Patient Zero gardener suicide causes you to lose your never compromised amd you can’t prevent it.
2: The other mentioned suicides can all be prevented but if they happen, they cause you to lose never compromised

Here are some examples of suicides that can be prevented. Clip from OP


Can anybody get SA in ‘The Author’? Or do you lose your ‘Never Compromised’ status?


I think you can alter his behavior through your actions in previous missions. It’s kind of a sub plot story that goes back to the start of Patient Zero campaign.


Interesting! I’d not realised there were any ways the missions and maps interacted but that could make life interesting. Please don’t leave it hanging like that that, though, at least a clue as to what’s needed!!

Presumably something to do with the other suicides? I didn’t even know that was a thing, only even read about the one in PZ Sapienza.


It’s this suicide-counts-as-being-seen bug. It’s quite possible to get five stars but you need to be quick and/or not activate a particular person’s suicide routine.


Ah. Would it be Jeff? I finish the level in about 5 or 7 minutes. I’ve taken longer than that and never lost SA ranking (this was before they introduced ‘Never Compromised’). I’ll try again and see if I can’t find him and subdue him.


I think that’s what others have said. I only did a speedish run this time around, quick enough to get five stars, and didn’t explore the map I’m afraid.


Yeah there’s a Jeff in this story. I believe he’s the guy arguing with his wife over joining the Liberation Cult…I think it’s his Cultist outfit that’s available in a room in Bangkok.

After that he keeps trying to kill himself. If you foil his attempt each time he’ll show up in Hokkaido with a lot of weapons or something?


Ah, right. So he’s the bloke arguing in Bangkok, have to figure out how to stop him there, then he pops up in Sapienza somewhere, same deal. I believe he also appears in The Vector, some daft sequence of things to shoot and he pops up but can’t recall (but of course God gave us YouTube for things like this). Interesting!



20 Characters.


Yeah. He’s near the water fountain crying on a bench. You just have to get him over straight from the direction he’s facing and put him in the trash-can. You get a lethal poison vial and folding knife from him.