Why People Hate Special Assignments So Much?

Just Why? I haven’t played them.

They simply weren’t worth the money. Unlike HITMAN™’s Bonus Missions, Special Assignments felt more lazy, due to their missions barely having any changes to the original map (basically, the only difference was that they were at a different time of day), and the Special Assignment targets being simply forgettable.
Apart from that, due to the lack of Elusive Targets, many players speculated that the Special Assignments were unreleased ETs now being sold as new, paid content. This also angered a lot of people.


Because it’s a cheaper version of Elusive Targets, way less worked on and more like a sketch than a final version of missions despite being able to save/load.

Adding the (real) Elusive Targets as Special Assignments in that mode would raise the quality of it consequently :+1:


Because they were marketed as missions,so we thought we would get bonus missions,but what we were actually given didn’t really match our expectations.


There is no speculation. The mission briefings for the first two released have Elusive Target icons in them from when they used to be Elusive Targets before being used for the Special Assignments.


Actually that’s only even true for Mumbai. Santa Fortuna has just Fog added into the Mix and the later two had basically no changes to the Map whatsoever, except the NPCs and Objects added for the Mission of course.


Hate is a strong word, I’m mostly disappointed that they weren’t anything like the bonus missions from 2016 and just felt extremely lazy.

The only special assignment I hate is Embrace of the serpent. It’s not fun and simply annoying when you have to KO 5-6 guys, even more SASO, just to get to your target, who has a double guard escord.

Now I think about it, I don’t think I’ve ever had fun with Embrace of the Serpent. Even as an elusive target it would still be the worst mission of the game


They are pretty lazy and feel like elusive targets. I feel like I would have been more accepting if they told us from the beginning to expect something small because when they came out we could only assume it’d be either bonus mission or Patient Zero tier.

There are 4 special assignments and only 2 change the lighting/sky/stuff you’d want and actual level changes are kept to a minimum.

We have:
Mission that is way too hard for what it is, takes up like 5% of the map.
Mission that is way too easy for what it is, takes up like 5% of the map.
Mission that is tolerable but lame, takes up like 5% of the map.
Mission that is tolerable but lame, takes up like 5% of the map.


Atleast if you don’t count Legacy Targets that is. There’s still Richard M. Foreman alias The Chameleon.


@MSMPlayz these are the main reasons most of people agree on.


They are nothing but elusive targets with a different skybox. A big downgrade from Season 1’s fantastic bonus missions


It put a dent in my admiration for IO. Just didn’t feel honest from their side. Those elusive target symbols related to the special assignments was basically catching them with their pants down, and it was not a pretty sight. I’m sure they had their sound reasons for doing it, but they should have been more honest and upfront about it.

All that said I did have fun with the Atlantide missions and even some enjoyable playtime with the Illusionist. But even the slightest comparison with H1’s bonus missions or Patient Zero campaign makes me more bitter about what could and should have been.


Because they were 1 target missions, i know Landslide and The Icon were 1 target, but there was alot of oppertunities and map changes, with the Mumbai SA, it’s just Basil Carnaby saying “wanna come upstairs and kill me” basically. If they added a target walking round Mumbai for example, like Mendola in Marrakesh, it would have been better. In my opinion Embrace of the Serpant is the best SA :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I respect your Opnion, even though it is the worst in my Opnion, because it’s a Target and a Objective Item in a way to guarded Environment, so I’m intrested why you like it so much.

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We could say that the special assigments were sold to us by IO’s Silver Tongue, turned out to be A Bitter Pill, carried an Illusion of Grandeur and are as enjoyable as Embracing a Serpent.


I like the sneaking through the Jungle and the bonus objective is welcome to me, doing it SONKO is a good challenge, as opposed to the other special assignments being too easy, but none of them are great :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Wish we´d at least have some nice jungle fatigues to do it in… (the Freedom Phantom suit is probably the next best thing, but doesn´t quite cut it) :frowning:


Wait, the reason we lost a Mumbai ET was cause they turned it into a special assignment? Lol jeez.


https://youtu.be/pixvZ5AHLRU?t=809 May as well plug this, which gives a bit of a rundown and the issues with them

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Seems tha way, though as much as I would have wanted a Mumbai ET, I’m glad for beautiful Day Mumbai nevertheless.