Why people seem to hate Mr.Freeze?

I have been a member of this community for few years now, but i am not really an active one, for a while i started to notice that this youtuber, mr.freeze really has not THE best reputation around here, so can anyone explain why is that?

I don’t know if this is true, but he is ok to me. Has really usefull hitman videos.

idk, from what I know he was once a member here but acted like an Asshole. i dont mind him tho.


In very short - Because he is narcissistic and cannot accept criticism addressed to him. Sometimes act like a little child.

Many people critcque him because he “steals” methods and materials from others and makes his own. To be hones - for me - I don’t care, even so, he collect everything in one place, so other can use that. Fine by me, even if I personaly don’t like him, he making a very good job. I respect that because I managed a Hitman website over 18 years (Hitman Asylum) and I know how hard and time consuming is that is.

Only think which I don’t respect - if comes to “stealing” something I always mention owner in credits, and he don’t do that. And that is something I don’t accept because I don’t belive that he can find all these methods himself in so short time. It’s just physically impossible,


Hate is far too strong a word, and the content he brings is definitely good enough (especially his penchant for using the Deus Ex soundtrack sits very well with me).
But his “like and subscribe”-focus, his earlier mentioned narcisissm and his spoiled child attitude make liking him very difficult for me. He also doesn’t give credit for where he found the strats he, admittedly, very meticulously collects. Then again, it’s not a scientific community so plagiarism isn’t a thing. Guess he’s just bad at netiquette.


His accent tho


I used to be subscribed to him. One day he had a livestream on YouTube. Someone posted something insulting or offensive in the chat, and I had posted something after they did (yeah, I’m aware that there is a lag in chat, so replies might not appear in an exact order for everybody). And I can only conclude that he must’ve muted me or made it so my posts don’t appear -by accident. Because I didn’t say anything ban worthy.

He definitely has some… issues. As for him stealing strats… I’m a bit skeptical on that aspect. Like with any ‘puzzle’ things can be worked down to a set of minimum movements. So if there were a (for example) a Contract that several people played - how likely is it that the majority of people would work out the same or very similar strats?

eta: For the record, I don’t dislike him. But for a while I thought he may have mistakenly singled me out for something I didn’t do. I really don’t know what happened with that -that one day during his livestream, and I’ll probably never know. No use or sense worrying about it.

Well, most people on Youtube are assholes :joy:.


Well he’s a pretty lame villain. There are more than a dozen baddies with ice powers in the DC universe. And the fact that he appeared in Batman & Robin, which destoryed the Batman movie franchise until Nolan came along, did really help making the character more appealing to the audience. :wink:

As for @MrFreeze2244 - no idea honestly. I’m not really watching any Hitman channels on You Tube and Itry to stay away from any kind of forum drama.


Your comment confused me so much mate :smile:

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how dare you


I know right? I was gonna say the same thing! But I would capitalise my letters where necessary.


That was very mean. I’ll go to my room and cry for a while. :'c

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Well it wasn’t supposed to be mean, I am sorry.

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My post was just a joke, don’t worry Notorius Lazy :stuck_out_tongue:

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He’s great in The Animated Series

Also as for MrFreeze he played my contract recently and got so salty it was hilarious


I like Freeze for his walkthroughs that some could say are detailed, but this is where my criticism of him starts…

I’m indifferent about him, I find his random videos on HITMAN cringeworthy and unnecessary. I think the most recent one he did a old man voice which was straight up cringe. I know it was suppose to be comedic since he was trying out how broken the Sawed Off Shotgun is.

Video Link:

The Crux of me being indifferent with him is how handles his followers and just how he treats the people who watch him. Freeze comes off as self aware to his comment section, but he doesn’t attribute the fact that a lot of his viewers are inexperience with the game and don’t know how the game works down to its every detail.

Video Link:

Along with this he posted a video talking about his own health in a manipulative fashion in order to get views and or a steady revenue stream via Patreon or Channel Membership. To sum it up he will attack a very niche group of people in his comments who criticize him. He would go on to do this for around 2 minutes talking about the YouTube algorithm and how he makes his content or how it “benefits his viewers” how a intro “benefits his viewers” all that stuff. After he addresses his community and he will proceed to talk about how he doesn’t get paid a lot of money from Youtube and proceeds to say how he “physically can not work” this is due to a heart problem that he briefly mentions.

Video Link:

So overall this is my problem with freeze it’s not that I don’t like his content it’s more of I don’t like how he treats his audience and how he exploits them in manipulative ways.


for me he is one of the best hitman streamers.

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I don’t care about Mr. Freeze, I watched a couple of videos. Most of them were just guides, which I have no use for.

If he is as “bad” as people write, just don’t give him any attention. Done!


for me @cjgarof is the best