Why the explosions in Hitman 2 are so weak?

Can someone explain me why IO-Interactive nerfed explosions in Hitman 2 so much? I can literally blow up a car step further from a target and 9 times out of 10 he will probably be just knocked out! I don’t remember that bein’ an issue in Hitman 2016. Is it some twisted way to encourage use of stronger explosive devices? 'Cause even with them i don’t see much difference. Seriously, the explosions in hitman 2 are even weaker, than my private life successes. I speedruned several levels and just can’t stand this unfair b/s.


The question that bothers me more is why any audio distraction device range is extremely small or even absent completely.
With the bomb you can place it a little closer to desired object and blow it up still, but audio devices are useless in HITMAN 2, this is much more worse


Agreed. They can completely replace them with mixtapes and ringing devices. But explosions are too essential not only for speedruns. I changed my strategy at this level completely due to this annoying issue. Firstly, i’ve tried using vommit gun on a target, so i could have blown him up near the toilet, but the car explosition just don’t gets him no matter how precise i was. And then even bein’ that close to a 2nd car he has been still hardly dyin’ in many cases:

There’s a spelling mistake in your title, it should be spelled “expositions”

And the answer is because they think the player’s hand needs to be held on every little thing, it’s a bit of bad writing in my opinion; much better when they didn’t have Diana spell every little thing out to you


I meant explosions. Dumb me.

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The range is the same, but it was fully lethal in H2016. Now they added a KO and knockdown zone that reduces the lethal part.


Yes, but this change made them way too weak. Now you can hardly kill someone with car accident even if he is just steps away from an explosition. That is ridiculous and unfair. I can understand why bike explositions can be so weak, that you will need to blow them right a step away, but why are all the car explositions so poor? For example, if you blow up a car that is closer to the biotoilet at the Landslide mission, it almost never kills the target at arm’s length! I mean it, 99 % of times it will knock him out at such a close distance.

It’s for balancing reasons. It’s quite useful for speed runs where you’re getting quest items, you can knock out NPCs quite quickly

This reminds me of the showstopper mission where you explode the camera. I hated that so much. For whatever reason the explosion would not kill the target, but it always killed the guard that stood too close. I had to restart so many times and reload just as many to get that kill. The target was the closet to the camera, it made no sense.

(And off topic, the damn guards always knew who had done it. Guns drawn on me right away despite being far away)

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47 rips out his ear piece, stamps it into the pavement and walks away without a second glance.


because IOI not can anymore make firstclass blast( In 2020 that impossible)