Why was I banned?

Hello everyone, I have a question, why was my old account, ComedicKills banned? I received no email saying why, my IP was also banned, but I got around that, (legally of course) maybe against forums rules, but I really want to know why, some of my posts were just getting popular, then one day, boom banned.

Thanks, and please give a answer before you ban this account, (if you’re going to)

I have no memory of such an account.

Is there some list that states the user and why the user was banned that you can check? As I said, I was banned without warning, no explanation, with no email, my IP address as well. @Jarbinger

Looks like the account was deleted, no record of it being suspended.

I can’t find confirmation it was a manual deletion in the logs, and perhaps a hundred or so accounts get deleted by the system due to inactivity/lack of verification etc

If you PM me the IP I can double check.

Yeah, I was randomly logged out, when attempting to log back in the system acted like my account never existed, and when trying to create a new account it said my “New accounts are not allowed to be made from this IP address” or something like that, but can’t you check without my IP? Also I was verified and active. I’d prefer not to give my IP address, can you just ask all your mods and admins if they banned me?

When I say randomly logged out I mean, usually when I come here I’m logged in automatically, but the day I found out I was banned I was logged out.

Well I’m the only one with the authority to delete accounts - and there were 28 accounts that were deleted on the same day as yours.

I can’t find anything in the logs that indicates your account was specifically deleted so it was either by an automated process, or you had an unfortunately IP overlap with someone making a lot of troll accounts on that day.