Why we need a Halloween variant of Whittleton Creek


So that we can egg Janus’ house


I don’t really care about egging but I like this idea. A lot of people here have asked for a snowy Christmas version of this map, but Halloween would be fantastic. I’m thinking of the sequence in the new Halloween movie where Michael Myers is sneaking house to house during a festive Halloween night. The problem is Halloween is largely defined by kids in the street and the Hitman games have shied away from including children as NPCs (probably for good reason).


Set it after all the kids have gone home for the night with only drunk fratbros and adults still wandering the streets


This guy gets it. Any potential assassination ideas boss?


Drowned as they bob for apples

Stabbed with pumpkin carving knife

One of the houses is hosting a murder mystery party which you can infiltrate and use to your advantage

One of the targets has a heart condition and if you scare him often enough( breaking stuff,turning on a horror movie at top volume,appearing at the window while disguised as the Grim Reaper) he drops dead of a heart attack

Other Stuff

One of the houses has fake dead bodies in the yard as part of the decorations. If 47 is disguised as the owner,he can leave his victims there with passers-by simply admiring the decorations

NPCs are dressed as (among other things ) The Icon,Martinez ‘s devil suit and Janus’ burial robes

Ezra Berg makes a cameo buying drugs from James Batty

The serial killer mentioned in the news reports in the Story Mission is on the prowl and would be an Optional Target

It would be possible to witness the death of Frank Schmidt(dressed as a Star Trek redshirt) play out with him receiving a poisoned muffin from Mrs West( dressed as the witch from Hansel and Gretel) and dying from it with a Challenge for killing him before this happens


obligatory micheal meyers disguise as well. Allows open carrying of melee weapons to nobodys suspicion.


I agree. He is called “the censor” and he would be a cool target in a bonus halloween mission. He every year visit WC to kill someone and people hire ICA to eliminate him to stop his threat
He should be inspired to Michael Myers, Jason Voorees, Freddy Krueger, Ghostface


The Censor is 100% going to be an ET or part of an event or expansion.


If he ever does appear, I hope he doesn’t cower in fear when you pull a gun on him.


Much rather have a christmas whittleton creek tbh.

Halloween isnt even a big thing in the world, just in murica


Which is where Whittleton Creek is :slight_smile:


Not where most players are from, which is more important.

Xmas is way bigger than Halloween


Well,Halloween or Christmas we can only hope any Bonus Mission for Hitman 2 will be better than The Icon


True, dont forget about landslide tho, that map is just as bad, but even worse because of the singing lady


Yeah no we are all missing the obvious holiday. 4th of July. Ya know exploding fireworks kill, poison apple pies, an actual BBQ explosion based opportunity. That sort of stuff.


The Icon wasn’t that bad tbh. You just gotta find your love in it.


I just hate Bosco’s voice so much


i dont need another Version of Whittleton Creek, i’m fed up with USA Locations in Hitman Games tbh and Another Life isnt even a that good Level.



Nah jk, you have a nice day


Imo in which country a map is, is of secondary importance, no even lower than that, as long as the level design is great.