Why we need a Halloween variant of Whittleton Creek


You take that back you monster



I know your trying to be an ass but I still feel like it is neccessary to point out the fact that America includes Canada, Mexico, the Entire Western Hemisphere in fact. Its the “Americas” not just the United States.
And im pretty sure Hitman is most popular in US at least until HITMAN 2016 in which I can agree is not that popular here anymore.

And lets say you were not spewing hot garbage like usual… lets give you the benefit of the doubt and assume holloween is a “Murican” thing…

Oh I shouldve known not to give Forthe the benefit of the doubt.


If you’re gonna be talking such utter bullshit, maybe try being less condescending.

Just some helpful reading, since you very clearly have no idea of what you are talking about.

You misspelling the point we’re arguing is not a great sign, but anyway - Halloween is an American (as in, US) holiday that has gained popularity in recent years and decades in many countries around the world, but it is still very much American in nature and origin.


Since when are we celebrating Halloween in The Netherlands lmao? :joy:


Opinion isn’t fact no matter how many numbers jump on the train. Forthe could be the Jim Jones of this forum some times. He seems to use all the idiots to his advantage hence the comparison meanwhile most of the level headed users here tend to see his crap for what it is.

Christmas would be cool I guess, but Holloween is what I want to see due to it being much more interesting and in tune with the dark vibes i have in mind. Classic Horror films and the like. And frankly I can give a shit less where In this meager existence I call “Home”, so arguing against Holloween and for Christmas because thats what you are more exposed to is a pretty retarded thing to do.

I call it the Shrek complex.


Opinions = retarded things

Ok then.

Personally I’m more interested in a Home Alone looking map then a Michael Myers looking map, but that’s just my retarded opinion I guess.


Dont get it twisted. no opinion is retarded. its when you sell your opinion and value it as a fact that it becomes retarded.

Unless the opinion is coming from somebody legally retarded i wouldnt go that far.


But I love that singing lady :’(


Halloween being bigger in the states isn’t an opinion, it’s a fact…

But keep on getting personal and state nonsense.


Really? I don’t know anyone that has played landslide more than 10 times that did not find her incredibly annoying. But good for you.


The last two times I played I stood in the audience to let Cinque Cella finish her song :stuck_out_tongue:


I think we should get a Halloween bonus based on another life level, because of that creepy old hag Hellen


Imagine if you could disguise as a recoloured and slightly remodelled Ezra Berg outfit from Season 1, then that would be the real Michael Myers experience.


Michael Myers should be Hostile everywhere. :smile:


Haha right. I can see that happening.


That because YOU do not know anyone, doesn’t matter at all lol.
You ask why he triggered so much. I give you answer. Because of you and how you speak makes people angry. Your “I know better than you and I’m right” makes people triggered. You’re conceited. That’s why.

Anyway i don’t want make any war here - just wanted to point out something.

About Halloween it is official US holiday, and it’s only popular in america, rest of world have own holidays. For example in poland we have something like a “Day of the dead” (pol. “Święto Zmarłych”), has totaly different mood - people are more sad than happy. It would be cool to have own “Halloween” event, but im not sure that IOI give us something similar, because then need to use resources for upcoming Christmas event which is popular almost everywhere in the world.

I would love to see again “Holiday Hoarders” but done better which more content! But also Whittleton Creek is also great place for this event. Anyway - im execited :smiley:


A general reminder that using “triggered” as a term for upset is ridiculing people with actual PTSD and really not in line with the forum guidelines on many levels.


I really like these ideas, didn’t realize how much I wanted a Halloween whittleton Creek level till now. The fake dead bodies idea, having NPCs dressed as the icon amongst other things seem really exciting. I just love the idea of creeping around like Micheal Myers haha