Will a carryover clear the trinity pack? (PC)

Have made my progression carryover yet, but I have already finished the storyline of Hitman 3. I know the carryover will wipe out my current progress(from steam to epic), I don’t care about that cus I can play it again. However, some say that the carryover will also clear the pre-order bonus, the trinity pack, don’t know if it is true or not. Don’t want to risk the pre-order bonus. And a year later, when the Steam version release, I will still get the progress of H1 and H2(in the Steam version) isn’t it?
(Sorry for the inconvenience, I’m not a native English user)

We don’t know anything about that. In fact, we can’t be sure that the game will be available on Steam at all. However, they did say progression carryover can only be done once.

– Progression carryover is a one-time process, meaning once you have performed a carryover for a particular platform, you will not be able to do so again at a later time.