Will any elusive target ever return?


Right now I have done most of the challenges for Paris but it really bugs me that the challenge for The Forger is still there after I failed miserably at completing it. (Tried to jump off the balcony, pushed a guy off instead and was met by bullets from the nearest guard) I was wondering if The Forger or any elusive target will ever come around again for the people who failed or missed it the first time.

Codename: Elusive 2.0

I hope so.

But there’s no way to know atm.


I don´t think so mate, maybe in the distant future. But no worries, alot more will come.


Yeah I know. I also missed the Sapienza one because I don’t actually own it yet, but I’m getting the full experience soon so hopefully I don’t miss another one.


I’d assume they have to once the full version is released.


We know as much as you. Also this topic has been beaten to death by now.


“When they are gone…they are gone FOREVER”

Hence the term “Elusive”
hope this helps :wink:


Doubt it, there’s so many people that want to play the elusives, it would be a mistake by not including all of them in the final package. Milking the cow forever!


Imo it would be great if they never returned, but hey, that’s just me.


I guess when the final version of the game releases, in a fisic disk, they will be there as individual contracts.


Then what’s the point of them being “elusive?” Lol

Now if they come out with additional individual contracts on the disc release that you can only play once or whatever, fine.

But if the disc release has all the elusive targets we got and will be getting then…then that would just be stupid. They are elusive, you either pass or fail, that’s it…

As much as I liked the Elusives and enjoyed playing them, I would not want to replay them. That totally defeats the purpose IMO


I wonder what are they going to do when the disc releases. There are going to be new players and I see it a little little hard there will be new Elusives every week.
So my guess is that they are going to re introduce them with the excuse of the second chance for had the game since the beginning.


If they came back they wouldn’t be very elusive would they. IO have already stated they won’t return. They’re gone forever.

When the physical disc is released I highly doubt they will be included as individual targets, again, they’re called elusive for a reason. They are online timed events.


I thought the physical games only included the offline stuff, te penalty for waiting for the finished product. If that’s true, elusives are out of the picture.


It’s all about money. If the targets have been coded in the game, why would they not be available to players who buy physical disc? I’m sure the people who are waiting for the finished product would be pleased that they didn’t get the elusive contract aspect of the game.


My guess is they are tied to your gamertag. I think people who wait for the retail version will get a crack at the elusive targets provided they haven’t already played the game on their account.

This way it works out how IO wants. Everyone gets one chance at it. But there will be no workaround where you can simply buy a physical version to go with your digital copy.

I do believe they mean it when they say they are one time hits. It would lose all tension if it was going to be recycled in the future. Everyone could simply relax and wait for the next cycle if that was the case.

The reason why I believe new gamers next year will get a chance is because it would look silly to start up your game only to see you already failed to get some challenges and rewards from day one.

But any gamer who already activated hitman on their gamertag account will be stuck with whatever result they have: failed, passed, missed.


I hope after each season they’ll unleash all the Elusive Targets for everyone, but it won’t count towards unlocks.


So if you purchased the game three years from now you’d never get the chance to unlock a suit with gloves, even when its on the front cover of the game? That will not go over well.

I’m no lawyer, but game companies have been sued for less.

Elusives should be available for everyone when the disc releases this winter or Spring 2017.

We’ll see.


Would be very dumb if they didn’t, particularly for the people who had some sort of stupid problem related to the game being buggy.


On the Career tab of the game menu, you can watch all the Elusive Contract briefing videos for the targets that have come and gone. I reckon they will be opened up again further down the line. IO’s statement that the elusive contracts are a perk of supporting the early AAAcces version of the game will turn out to be yet another dirty fib.