Will any elusive target ever return?


I can understand people not wanting to miss out on the ETs even if they’re waiting for the full game or the physical disc or have had technical problems, but I do hope that IO can resist the urge and stick with ETs not returning ever. I think they are a very cool concept and experience, but having them return would massively dilute it.


When season will be completed, there will be any reason not to make them available again. IO will be at work for another season and won’t have any other interest to keep those contents unavailable, because they will think to season 2’s challenges. It could be a way to sell more physical copies and gain more money from the finished game. So, yes. I’m sure that one they elusive targets will return.


elusive targets are ONLINE! If you play offline you don’t get them. They are unique NPCs placed into the game for that single 2 day event. If you miss it or fail then tough, that’s part of the challenge. If they return in anyway then they’re just another standard mission in the game. If you buy the physical disk in 3 years don’t expect any elusive targets unless IO are still supporting it. People just don’t seen to understand the “one time only timed event” aspect of elusive targets.


I think once the disc version releases, they might be changed from ‘elusives’ to ‘additional contracts’ so that people who buy the hard copy can also use them.

I don’t mind either way, I completed both so far but rushed them as I didn’t want to completely fail and lose. I did try to go for silent assassin on both initially, but panicked and thought stuff it before completing them. I’m away on holiday for 2 weeks next Monday so I’m terrified I will miss one (most likely) :joy:


They could do something to make them different from standard missions, more difficult, without any help, as map or the possibility to save, without target marked in red, with limited time. They are IO. They could do anything :slight_smile: If not included in the final version it would be wasted content


The elusive target isn’t highlighted in red anyway.


I get where you guys are coming from, maybe they shouldn’t return. At least we should get a way to remove these challenges so that there isn’t a constant reminder of our failure


I was just about to mention that in another thread. i font mind there being a challenge to kill the elusive target, the one to get SA though needs removing. I didn’t SA the Forger and as a result have a challenge that can’t be unlocked which sucks


Yes I know. And IO could add something to make the contracts more difficult and different: no maps, limited time (for example 5 minutes to find and kill the target), no save game, order to hide the body or to make it seem an accident because we haven’t to alarm principal targets.


In this Giantbomb interview, at about 3:43:40, Torben mentions how great it is that Square Enix was okay with them creating content that would only be available for a limited time, content that some people would never see, as well as how it would be immortalized nonetheless (in videos and streams).

Really made it sound like there are no plans to bring them back.


I don’t believe it. Simply marketing. I’m sure it’s only a way to make people buy the game NOW and not when the season is complete.


The company is so hard up about experiencing the maps over and over again because of the episodic model, but will burn man hours and resources creating missions that are played for less than 3 days.

This is content that should have been released after the game was complete and while the disk was on store shelves. The foundation of the game is not stable it is under tested and much is bubble gummed together.

I don’t agree with the way the elusive target is being handled by the company I think there are better ways to create tension and challenge. I think they (elusive) will return and the reason is that they can’t justify leaving bugging content the way it is for as long as they do while working on content that expires before the weekend.


Do you mind sharing?


what are you smoking? the elusive targets have been a massive hit. it was a great marketing strategy


I think the clock is on the wrong side of the challenge instead of making me play within a small time frame make the mission last within a small time frame.
I think the challenge should be a “perfect hit” the first time no retry no pause.
I think success should rely only on your current memory of the map and item placement. Make it so that you get one shot live action to be 47 the first time around.

also sorry to ramble make it so the player has a rough estimation of how long the target will be on map and who the target will be around and where the target is going. It would force heavy improvisation.

thats how i would create challenge and tension


I have been smoking the same stuff that i been smoking- part of the reason i am here. Enjoying my tax return and not reading.

I dont deny that the idea is good, very clever i just disagree with the execution.


I truly don’t understand the people who are adamant that the Elusive targets should never return. Will it really take away from your enjoyment of them now if somebody else wants to replay them when the season is over?


As far as I can tell, people playing the elusive contracts fall into two camps;

A: Players who kill the target as quickly as possible then run away to the exit to avoid failing the mission. These players (of which I am one) are not exploring/getting the full enjoyment out of the new missions for fear of failure/no retries.

B: Players who go for SA and restart the mission over and over again until they have worked out the optimal method for doing so. These players have completely missed the point of elusive contracts by replaying them over and over until they know the target’s itinerary back to front.

I do not feel the elusive targets are a marketing coup. If I was a new player, the idea of restricted content that I could only attempt once would put me right off the game. But the idea seems to have swollen the heads of the elite/hardcore gamer crowd, even if they are cheating/restarting to get the SA/SO results they keep crowing about.


I’m camp C, @mikeawmids: I will not ever restart an Elusive Target (unless one day, god forbid, I get thrown off the server whilst playing) because IMO Camp B people are wusses cheating themselves out of a fantastic experience, but I’m not a Camp A person going for the quick kill and exit. I’m taking my time, following and observing my target and trying my damn hardest to get an SA ranking, but if my plan doesn’t come off then I’m living with the consequences and hoping my backup plan will let me get the job done and get out alive. Which I’m sure is exactly the point of the game mode.

I bet there’s a hell of a lot more people in my Camp C than you’re giving credit for, probably at the expense of the Camp As. (Albeit I will concede that their are a lot of wussy Camp B people out in the world.)


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