Will any elusive target ever return?


I think you’re over thinking it when it comes to ets. By putting it that way it sounds like you’re saying that there is no real way to enjoy the mission. There is still fun to be had with these missions, but it depends on the structure of them. For instance the prince had a route that could be followed and allowed for improvisation to attain the coveted silent assassin while the sensation on the other hand, had basically two ways to get sa. Either you rushed to poison his vodka( which is essentially impossible to know on the first try without help from the internet.) or you slowly take out everyone at the party until you can safe kill the target, which is just as fun as you’d imagine. Basically, they need to figure out how to make them a challenge without making them cheap. They were on the right track with et #3


Having reflected on this issue, I have concluded that elusive contracts are more for the Squenix’s benefit than they are for our enjoyment. Rather than giving the players who bought their product max value for money, they’ve engineered a system whereby drip feeding us new (albeit restricted) content generates a steady flow of Youtube videos and website updates to continue advertising their game. Clever enough from a marketing perspective, but shitty for the players who just want to get the most out of Hitman. My dislike for Squenix deepens.

Would so many people be posting videos and making such a song & dance about their SA/SO run if the elusive contracts were replayable? I expect not.


I would actually have more fun with the elusive targets if I knew they would return. I played the first 2 the “camp c” way, but then got screwed out of SA on the Congressman because I didn’t know being seen throwing coins and/or caught on camera before deleting the evidence counted as spotted. I tried to play the Prince “camp b” because I was in a rush due to limited time to play since I’ve been traveling, but missed it since I tried to restart a minute after the deadline. I played the sensation “camp b” because I couldn’t figure out how to get SA until I came on here to read about how I have to quickly get to the drink because he only ever takes one sip.

I’d be far more willing to play the intended “camp c” way for all of the elusive targets if I knew they would return so I could unlock the SA challenge later on.


Yes they would, as there are countless SA/SO runs for main missions, escalations and featured contracts aswell.


Well 3 out of 4 of my ET’s i did use either 1 or 2 restarts or replans but only because after I started it I found a different approach I wanted to use, not because I screwed up.

As far as being replayable, I would LOVE it if they became available all as one single DLC release sometime after disc release, either free or super cheap. But I dont want them before that cuz it takes away the whole point of the mode.

Thats my 2 cents. Dammit, just got spotted. :grinning:


Refer to the above screencap from twitter.

There is a very high chance IO will bring them back. They are simply trying to milk as much advance money as possible from people (Who are afraid ETs will never appear again) to purchase before the full boxed release so they will not give a definite answer on whether ETs will be available again.

Its pretty much a open secret at this point. With a long break between season 1 and possibly season 2, and maybe 15-20++ worth of ETs already gone by then, doesn’t make sense for IO to leave all of them permanently locked away forever.


I completely agree with you. It would be like throw into waste all money spent to create ETs


Uhm, I expect so, yeah. Jelly of the restarters, or happy with your blind half-assed SA’s?

I’m fairly certain elusive targets will return. It wouldn’t make sense to have all that programming and those voice lines locked forever, only available to see on Youtube channels.


What if an elusive target in paris turns up a couple months later in Sapienza?


That would be pretty cool. What if, say, you missed the sensation… and then in the next/a future elusive target (in sapienza) he was in the lawyer’s office? Diana could inform you that he was there and you’d get a second shot at him if you hadn’t killed him the first time.


What if you died during the first time, do you still feel you should get a second shot?


I’m not sure there, but I think there should be a system where the target can easily escape. That would raise the stakes on try 1, and make it a viable option for try 2.


Agreed, i was under the impression from the start (before the 1st one even showed up) that that was a scenario that could happen. Like if you spooked him he would run, if he escapes it’s over. Was a bit dissapointed that that isn’t the case.

Also, i really wish they will never ever return if you managed to kill them. If they escaped then your idea would be cool.


I like the idea because it would allow for a more realistic way to replay them. Maybe they could be even harder the second time to encourage players to take them out the first? And also only certain ones should reappear, so people don’t just skip one to get two together; they never know who will return.

It would also make for some pretty shocking moments - say you missed the next elusive target. Then, in October, while playing an ET, Diana told you that the target you missed was there too. It would be great!


Ye like i said, stuff like that would be cool. But once you killed them, they should never ever return.


yeah, definitely


I hope they will, I just purchased the complete first season download and it’s showing I missed 15 of them and only 2 left! That’s stupid as I just downloaded it yesterday and didn’t even have a chance to get them! They better make them available again sometime down the line or that will be bullshit!


That’s the way it is man. It sucks for the people that are just hopping in now but, these are “elusive” targets and it wouldn’t be fair for the people that bought the Full Experience in the beginning, if they decided to bring them back now, especially since io stated numerous times that they WILL NOT return. Not to mention it would really ruin the elusive experience for the players that actually bought the FE from the very beginning…


There are so, so many more.


As far as I know there are going to be a lot more than only another two.