Will any elusive target ever return?


There are, there’s 17, but I was saying that 15 of them say MISSED and
there’s only 2 led that I’m still able to play

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December 22

As far as I know there are going to be a lot more than only another two.

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December 22

I hope they will, I just purchased the complete first season download and
it’s showing I missed 15 of them and only 2 left! That’s stupid as I just
downloaded it yesterday and didn’t even have a chance to get them! They
better make them available again sometime down the line or that will be

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  1. that post is a mess
  2. more elusives are going to be added in the future - at least 10 more for this season alone


Elusive targets are added to the game normally a day or two before you can play them, plus IOI have stated that even those who buy the game in January will still be able to get all the suits from future ET’s


It’s just a game bring them back !


I’ve posted this before, but the devs are opposed to it because they “wouldn’t stand up.”

[quote]“Being able to replay them, they wouldn’t necessarily stand up,” Ellert explains. “I chose way early on that they were going to have some fairly bombastic accidents, so that they would be easier to find, so that they would be more memorable. But that means that if you’re really paying attention, you can hear [the characters] defaulting to their AI dialogue - for instance where they need to tell guards about stuff. But I only notice that because I can play them blasé.

“But if you’re sitting there and you’re thinking, ‘Shit he’s getting away!’, you’re not hearing the fact that he’s defaulting. You probably wouldn’t notice that during [fourth Elusive Target] The Sensation that the model who’s sick sometimes walks right through the middle of the bushes because his pathing is a bit wonky. So we make compromises to keep a production cadence based on the aspiration that I would rather have a few more more memorable targets and live with some wonkiness, and for that reason, I don’t think they would stand up. That’s why I oppose it.”[/quote]

So they’re just sort of slapped together and not really designed for multiple replays.


In the theoretical possibility that Hitman runs… say… as long as HBO’s Game Of Thrones or something in terms of seasons…A DLC or Update that puts ALL Elusive Targets of 7 or so seasons into your HDD will probably cause quite a few people to run out of disk space (Each ET is a unique character model… There’s no telling if some in the future will have custom assets).

My current belief is that the assets are being over-written in an “Elusive Target” space of the HDD to avoid bloat.


Yes, I’m aware it’s just a game lol But those are the way elusives were designed and io already said numerous times past ones won’t return, so people should just come to peace with it and move on.

People that “missed out” will have more than plenty enough future targets to catch up, I really don’t understand the huge concern on bringing past ones back.

They will have many more to make up for the ones they missed. Why should the people that purchased the game from the very beginning be cheated out of the elusive experience, just because some newcomers DEMAND they return…


Exactly. It’s like complaining you didn’t get a pre-order bonus, even though you didn’t pre-order.


Lol but those people DID get the “preorder bonus” anyway… You know… That ‘exclusive’ Requiem Suit lmao


Wait, what? When did that happen? I want a Requiem Suit…


It will become available to purchase as a DLC pack when the physical version of the game comes out in January. The pack will also include the pale duck explosive and the ICA Chrome pistol.


Awesome, thanks dude


Yes that is great for everyone, don’t get me wrong. But that stuff was (supposed) to be exclusively for those that pre ordered the game and now they are giving it to everyone. (Again, that’s good for everyone)

but I’m just trying to make a point, they already changed one thing (most likely because some cried “not fair”) and I wouldn’t want something like that to happen with Elusives, which of course would then be “unfair” to the ones who bought the game from the beginning, thus ruining the “elusive experience” for us.

I’m sorry, but like the old saying goes, first come, first serve. I mean don’t get me wrong, it’s understandable that people are mad if they are just getting the game now. I would probably be upset myself, however I wouldn’t be demanding io to make them return because that would not be fair. Especially since, people had the choice to either buy it right away, or wait.

If you wanted to wait, fair enough, but don’t go jumping in now expecting io to change the rules now because you’re upset. Don’t work that way…
Or at least it shouldn’t…


Totally agree, those who waited for the full release (in this thread at least) knew about the elusive targets and that they are one off timed exclusives. You can’t now rationalise why you should have something you knew you weren’t going to get anyway


Not trying to pick a fight with the ones who just decided to jump in now, I know it sucks, but it’s not like they didn’t have a choice from the get go.

You can’t come into it now and say, “that’s unfair” No… It would be “unfair” if they changed the rules on us now, just to satisfy the newcomers, that knew beforehand that they would miss out if they chose to wait.

In the words of the “Shadow Client”
"Rose knew the risks sniff They all do."


Well, I wasn’t referring to this pre-order bonus in particular, just the general practice. Not to mention that time-exclusive content is not new. For example, some kid who gets GTA V for Christmas has already missed out on a ton of time-exclusive content.

My larger point was that early adopters tend to get rewarded, no matter what the medium, just because you put your money where your mouth is. These guys that are all, “Oh, I was on the fence about this game, I’m the biggest Hitman fan in the world but game devs are greedy money-sucking leeches, so I wisely withheld my gaming dollar until I could get it at half-price.”

Now they’re all, “Wait, there were all these fun and exclusive missions you guys were playing all this time? Why can’t I play them?” Well, duh. That’s the price you pay for waiting for a better deal.

It’s like showing up to a barbeque a couple hours late, because you don’t know the guy hosting it, only to find all the steaks are cooked and you’re stuck with some burgers and hot dogs and leftover potato salad. What did you think would happen?


It’s worse then that, it’s knowing the guy is having the barbecue, but making everyone wait 4 hours until you get there before everyone can start eating.
No, you turn up late, you get no sausages, but there are plenty of burgers and chicken left, so don’t worry you’ll still get your fair share.
EDIT: however, I do understand people wanting to hold onto their money until the whole product was out, you waited for the guys who got there early to see if the BBQ was good or not, you watched while we tried the food to make sure it wasn’t poisonous, and the food was good. Delicious in fact!


First … mmm, sausages.

Second, I certainly don’t mean to lambaste players who chose to wait until it was more affordable or before the reviews come in before jumping in. That’s fine, I’ve done it many times. But that’s the trade-off, isn’t it?


indeed it is, ultimately it depends if that trade is worth it or not. I think it is. But of coarse I have been let down before by pre-ordering or buying in early.
This is one of the exceptions (for me) where paying up front has been worth the money


i think they shouldn’t, elusive and rewards are kind of a “treat” for us early adopters, its clearly stated that they never return and so they shouldn’t