Will any elusive target ever return?


You will never convince me that content I missed (due to never able to log on that time) will never come back I want to play on ALL the content available for this game and I don’t care if u call it elusive or not - my bet it will be there someday I repeat it’s just a video game and we here for fun that’s all. Bring it on/back!


Fair enough. You are entitled to your own opinion. I’m not trying to “convince” you, I’m just stating my own opinion on the matter, is all. :slightly_smiling_face:

But in all honesty… Are you really “missing out” on content if you will be getting enough future Elusives anyway, so you CAN obtain all the suits?

I mean the concept of Elusive Targets are all the same, just different NPC’s. Besides, if it’s “story” on a particular one you crave, you can always watch that past targets briefings on YouTube. Not to mention the thousands of different people that recorded their playthroughs…

I just don’t see how you will be missing out on content, when io already said there will be PLENTY more Elusives for people to get caught up, that just hopped in now. But, okay…


It’s not the suite I’m running after I just want to be able play content I never been had a chance to participate period. Happy new year !:confetti_ball:


I get the impression that people are seeing Elusive Targets all wrong. Everyone has had the same opportunity to participate in each of these LIVE content components that have been released. Many LIVE tournaments have been organised in the past for COD, Halo, Battlefield, GoW, and so on, but if someone was new to the game would it be reasonable to complain that they never had a chance to participate?


I’m not complaining I’m asking… again just a video game the content is there for offline use so if I want and can participate this content so why not? that’s my opinion. Pls IOI bring all ET back with their opening videos!


Btw Rockstar put the old RDR for PS4 so why no Absolution & Trilogy why? What the damn hard to bring them on to PS4?!?!?


Please IO, stick to your guts and don’t listen to some people.
NEVER EVER let them return. kthx


awww no IOI listen to me: bring them back! let us replay them, what’s the harm.
Why you gotta be such a downer.

Oh and flagged b/c I disagree. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


They wouldn’t be nearly as memorable if we could replay them.[quote=“agent47atyourservice, post:88, topic:8109”]
Oh and flagged b/c I disagree. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Good, you’re learning how things work :slight_smile:


Ahhh I never bought into the concept I guess that’s why I have ten accounts so I can play them over and over. I view them like a contract.

And yes, I thought Flags were for disagreements. So you too sir are hereby flagged!


Last time, straight from IO…

I’m done…


Just my two cents… I’ll always be conflicted about the ET’s fleeting availability, but that conflict is what fuels good storytelling, even on a meta level for Hitman players. It’s a bit infuriating that I can’t obsess over Nina or the Gonzales brothers whenever I want, but are rather relegated to my memories, rather than something I can tangibly interact with or observe in real time. I love nothing more than writing new characters, obsessing about how they look, who they are etc., and each ET is essentially a lesson in character creation by a talented writer. It really hits home seeing these unique creations fit for a book, with endless possibilities for me to project stories onto, come and go, but at the end of the day, they’re not my characters. I don’t get to keep them like a set of well-written digital action figures, because they don’t belong to me. That’s fine. I’ve made peace with that. That’s the author’s intent. What really matters is that the man writing these characters won’t ever run out of new characters, so in a way, this is a big step for writing in games, and the idea that a writer is empowered to this degree is honestly not only refreshing, but a show of respect writers usually don’t get. I want the ETs back, and that feeling is what keeps this concept so special… So, yeah, fuck the ETs ever coming back.


I am having a feeling of deja-vu here :wink:

Personally i think that elusive targets should never return, it would go against the purpose they were designed for, one shot simple contracts, there really ain’t much to replay there, your first shot at them which makes it memorable is the whole point, maybe the “story” dialogue would be missed but most of it is filler and forgetable.

That said i do think the rewards should be available to unlock some other way in the future, for people who are latecomers, that never heard of the game,don’t care for it now, or join in years down the line, if i was one of them i don’t think i could play the game without the blood money suit! No gloves is a blasphemy!!

This brings me to the point that i think there should be some sort of economy system or upgraded unlock choice system but thats going off-topic.

Point is, the elusives are an incentive to buy the game now, join in&have fun, chances are if i didn’t find the elusives so fun and intriguing, i would have stuck to my original plan bought the game with the disk release,

Yes, i do think they could be better and the wait between them could be shorter. but its one of the few if not only “live” updates that brings me back

For people worrying they wont get enough, trust me, Season 1 is concluding in January, there will be lots more coming after that, i see no reason to worry.


I think ETs should return as a feature contracts or something, some time down the road when all seasons/updates are finished, done, finito, end of the road. HITMAN is complete and will not be updated with new content. Then I think ETs should make a comeback just to play them, without the rewards or anything like that. I completed all of the targets so far so I’m not salty about missing out, I’m just thinking out loud.

On one end this is kinda betraying what they have been standing for from the very start, but then again, so many unique models, textures, audio recordings and programming wasted. Contracts don’t seem very advanced so it’s not a big loss, but a loss nonetheless.


Why u care? I don’t get it… don’t click this ET whoever wants will.
Btw if u afraid from scoreboard I’m not the achievements or point leader seeker just want to play a content that I missed…(no need nothing stay offline offline offline)


Never return lol just a video game… bring it on :snowman_with_snow:


What does " It’s just a video game " mean? That it’s a simple fix with a snap of the fingers?


there’s nothing to fix. ET’s are working as advertised


:disappointed: Boy…unfortunately I’m having a feeling this topic is never going to go away no matter how much we clarify…


I know what you mean. Since I’ve been here (only a few weeks) I’ve seen at least 3 of these threads.