Will any elusive target ever return?


Yeah, there’s been a ton of these discussions since launch. And its the same with Reddit. I think between now and when all the seasons are done we are going to keep seeing them. :confused:


You know, this is what bothers me the most. As someone who goes back to play old video games on a regular basis, the idea of a game with built-to-be-obsolete features seems sacrilegious.

The idea of one-off side content doesn’t bother me that much, since that was advertised as such, but at least the signature suit on the cover should always be obtainable.

Maybe IO went a little crazy tying everything to elusives?

They could have made some suits specific to SO/SA in main missions, or completing a # of escalations.


What? What law says you are entitled to something because it’s on the cover of a video game? In this case suit with gloves…


The games advertising never explicitly states you can wear that suit.
Its not like No Mans Sky where Sean Murray went around stating all the features that were in the game that weren’t


But they didn’t, they just tied optional suits that don’t affect gameplay to the ETs.
Plus you STILL will be able to unlock all of them if you buy the physical disk in January


We know that. We are discussing whether it was a bad decision.

Its short sighted and bad for posterity.


yeah it totally is, but from what IOI have said and what they are doing, that’s how its gonna go.
Maybe they will change it in the future and let anyone play the ETs at any time in like 4 years from now.

Was it a bad decision (to have timed one of ET’s)?

completely subjective

Will any elusive target ever return?

In its current form. No


I was never asking the question of whether elusives will return. I am fine with the idea off one-off targets. That was advertised from the beginning.

I was simply talking about suits. The new signature suit in particular.

It is literally 47’s icon look, and it is completely missable. Imagine if you had a limited window to unlock 47’s ballers…


The BM/ABS suits make perfect sense as rewards for the mode because they are throwbacks. But the new suit seems like it should be a motiff for this title.

I don’t expect these things to change at this point, but i’m not going to pretend it seems like a good design decision.


But you can use the signature suit in any level without unlocking anything.
If you want the suit with gloves, then complete 13 ETs

EDIT: the suits are purely bragging rights. Like the Santa 47 suit you can unlock in the Secret Santa challenge pack. That will only be available during the xmas period, then its gone for the rest of the year. Sure, the window to unlock is much bigger then the ET’s, but thats kinda the point


I know, and there’s no way i can change that, however I am engaging in discussion with the things you are talking about.

All these sentences i addressed, but there’s no need for semantics.[quote=“Austin_Wilm, post:111, topic:8109”]
You don’t seem willing to engage in any actual discussion. You just like talking down to people on the internet.

Your posts seem completely disposable, you don’t offer any real position of your own, just restate things that have already been established.

what? because i used a gif to acknowledge your opinion, while i addressed everything else you talked about?
And i’m reinstating things because some people still don’t get it with the timed Elusive Target thing.
Now this thread is getting derailed because we’re talking about stuff that has nothing to do with the original question.[quote=“Austin_Wilm, post:107, topic:8109”]
We are discussing whether it was a bad decision.


make your own thread and we can discuss it properly there


Elusives weren’t even what I was talking about. I like elusives.

Sorry if I misconstrued you, but I had a hard time getting what you were on about.

My first post on the thread was response to someone else, on a similar train of thought.
Suits/content being linked to elusives inevitably makes them part of the discussion.


Someone successfully sued Gorilla Games over Killzone 2s box art graphics and promotional videos if memory serves. That was almost what 6+ years ago?

Just saying, the industry has been sued successfully for far less.


You will keep seeing these because, as new players (ONE) find out about the game, (TWO) get addicted, (THREE) obsess over finding every single little hidden crumb in every corner (FOUR) find out about “Elusives” (FIVE) wonder HOW THE F-BOMB they could have missed the opportunity to even TRY to hit 25 of them when you bought the game 3 days ago, then yes, they will be pissed that they are shown a list of $#!+ they will never get the chance to see. As long as they are going to be new players, and as long as they are taunted with a list that says “hahhahhaa!! you can’t ever play these missions, you suck!”, you will see these threads. It might be hard for you to stomach, but it might be harder to accept the fact that you can’t do the missions than to anguish over the fact that these threads keep popping up. On THAT note, as long as they plan on making more in the future, and as long as long as players are not locked out of accomplishing actual missions if they don’t have required items that were only available in the ETs (say, you need to wear a blue tie when you drown someone but that tie was ONLY available in one particular ET) then I think the idea of ETs are actually pretty cool. I’d rather see a ton of them rather than the same 25, releasing one every 2 weeks.


it was supposed to be incentive for you to buy the game and beta test it before it was released in disk form.


A ton of people were complaining that they keep seeing this same question being asked over and over again

It was not just one or 2 people, so I figured I’d try and clarify why we will keep seeing this topic in threads:

I’m not a gamer, just bought this game 3 days ago, didn’t know about the ETs until yesterday, but rather than start a new thread to rant I tried to find out what they were about. found this thread, read a link about why they are not going to redo ETs and was fine with it, but because about a 3rd of the responses here were people ranting about how new threads keep popping up, I decided to respond.

If they put an explanation in the game it would reduce the number of new threads. My guess is that until people stop buying the game, these threads will keep coming (new people, like me, don’t know this subject was beat to death already). The only logical time to be mad about new threads would be if they are started by veteran players who were around during the beta, have read a few of these threads, understood the reasons for not redoing ETs and STILL decided to post the thread.


They did.

It shows up sometimes while a map is loading, next to the “I” icon. It says that “remember, ET only appear once. Once they are gone they will never return.”

Plus, no offense to newcomers, but if you’re just playing / hearing about Hitman now, why would people get so upset about missing them? You’re only missing out on useless suits, not a big deal. Plus you can always watch the Targets on YouTube if people are that interested.

I understand people’s frustration that are just jumping in now, but that’s just how the ET’s were designed. Once and done, the vision the developers had for making ET’s “Elusive” shouldn’t change (and ruin the concept for the people that been with the game from the beginning) just because certain people decided to hop in now.


Oh… the memory of the ones you failed to kill will haunt you till the day you die…

Kidding aside: The Elusive Targets were Online Events. Think: “Overwatch Limited Time Drop Events”. If Overwatch can do it. HITMAN can do it.


June 2016



Again, I understand ETs now, and the only reason why I responded was to explain the perspective of the n00b so people can understand why there are and will be in the future a constant flood of these threads as long as there are n00bs buying the game.

hahhaha!! I actually saw that they did AFTER I posted this. But, I don’t ever read those things, and it is not frequent enough to expect n00bs to read it much less know WTF an “Elusive Target” is when they DO read it. It’s hard to process a connection in a new game when you are dealing with a ton of new info and terms all at the same time. And I meant that they should put an explanation on the page where you can see all the targets you missed. And NOT just “Once they are gone they will never return” because it doesn’t give any context at all. Once in the space of time in the real world? Once when you attempt the assassination? (similar to escalation but no redo) If you KNOW what ETs are, it is still pretty stinking vague. Is there only a 5 minute span in real world time that you can get it? 2:38 pm North Korean time? Or do you have a couple days? Still vague in the quick “you will miss it if you go to the bathroom during the load screen” explanation.

As for newcomers being upset, I was only upset because I didn’t understand the concept of the ETs which only sparked enough fire to get me online to find out why the heck I was late to getting to a part of a game I just bought a couple days before. Once I got on and read about it, I was fine with it. Even better was that I now know that there is another one “Coming Soon”!! If I didn’t get on here to learn about it, I would have never bothered to try for an ET again thinking that they are all done, over, pau, FU, have a nice day.