Will any elusive target ever return?


Taunted? Lol. If a video game “taunts” you, you got bigger problems than missing ET’s.


If elusive targets we’re never going to return they should have removed all traces and info, such as briefings, related to them from newer purchases of the game. In a game that caters to completionists and most of the game is doing the same thing a bunch of different ways to achieve another challenge, leaving a bunch of shit I’ll never be able to complete right in front of new purchasers faces is ignorant. It’s like taunting them who didn’t buy it right away. I didn’t have a PS4 when it came out didn’t even know the game existed and have never played any of the others. Now seeing I’ll never have 100% completion or even get to enjoy 100% of the content is very discouraging and has kept me from playing as much as I think I would have.

They really need to release the elusive targets for newer players. Those who bought the game per episode most likely didn’t do it soley for elusive targets. So complaining if new players are allowed access sounds petulent to me.

This problem could have been easily fixed if the elusive targets we’re offline so that whenever u purchase the game at a certain point in the story or mission progress the et would pop up and give us our 1 go at it. If they can’t do that at least make them available to be purchased. I’d gladly pay the extra $10 to not miss out on what sounds like the best part of the game. Also the players who already played the et would be less likely to spend the $ to play them again.

All the arguments about the huge potential for replayability making this game worth taking cost turn to crap if you buy the game after all the et are gone. All the replay value is centered around completing everything doing every task. Without a shot at the et all I see is 5-6 missions with slight variations to incentivize me play the same 4 hours of content for 400 hours just to check boxes.


I’d be glad if everyone who buys the game would get to try out the ETs at least once. Though from where I stand there’s no right choice for IOI, keep to their initial statement that the ETs come once then they’re gone for good and complains from new players will continue to appear for as long as the game is on sale. Release the ET’s again and some of the early buyers will start throwing a fit over not being special anymore, that IOI tricked them into purchasing an incomplete game by promising exclusive content. I’d personally would love to play the ETs again as I’ve missed about half of them but to be fair there’s not much to them, it’s really try it once then move on. Maybe they should just sell the suits for 0,49$ each or something.


I agree it’s a tough call for them. It’d be nice if they had made it to where each player gets to play them once and gone. Not withing a certain time span in real life but within game time. I think they can potentially lose customers from not re-releasing though. From the one I watched on YouTube they look like a fun challenge and for me personally the game needs that extra content to maybe tempt me to purchase per episode.