Will february roadmap affect hitman 1 or 2?

I want to know if sapienze ET will come to hitman 1/2 ? (I have both of them)

Also Im new here hi!

Yes, it’ll be on the Sapienza map.

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The ET will come to Sapienza, but only, to the best of my knowledge, in Hitman 3. You won’t be able to play it in Hitman 1 or 2.


what Gravitas said. the ET won’t be coming to HITMAN 1/2. only the Sapienza level through HITMAN 3


:frowning: Hitman 3 is very expensive in my “country”


Can we replay them this time? i did the Deceivers in HITMAN 2, can i replay them in 3?

because we couldn’t replay the ones in 2, from 1. iirc.

Roadmap is for HITMAN 3.
HITMAN 2016 and HITMAN 2 games are history and no longer supported.
You can play this and all upcoming ETs + another live content exclusively in HITMAN 3.
As you might know, HITMAN 3 can contain all previous games’ locations.
And within HITMAN 3 in Sapienza you’ll be able to catch this Elusive Target


We don’t know, IO hasn’t mention any of the changes to ETs in H3. So for now, as far as we know, ETs can only be completed once


that was what I meant :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I regret trying to answer that. A bit confused with English Literature system.

Yes you can.
Everybody will be able to play Elusive Targets in HITMAN 3.
Because it’s a new game and a premiere round of Elusive Targets, not a reactivation


Someone make the thing clear.