Will GHOST MODE be added to HITMAN3 in the future?

Now H3 has been released on steam for some time.I can understand that the multiplayer mode was completely deleted last year due to the monopoly of EGS.But considering the future of H3, I can’t help thinking so.Because IOI is making a game about 007.So they also implicitly expressed that H3 will stop changing in the future. Maybe they won’t spend a lot of money on maintaining H3 servers. This will make it a stand-alone game, not an online model including GM.Of course, I don’t rule out that hitman will interact with 007. For example, some special contracts and ET and so on.But the original GM did bring us a lot of fun, even if it was a beta test.Associated with the announcement of Free Lancer, some online modes may be added. For example, “multi player cooperation” rather than “online competition”. Can you imagine!? Two or more hitmans together on an assassination mission. Cooperate with each other!This is beyond the scope of GM, but it will also add luster to the game. Even if there are many technical obstacles.
In short, I hope to make the return of GM a reality through the powerful online function of steam. Of course, I also hope to launch it on EGS and other platforms (I’m an EGS player).
Please leave your opinions and opinions. Of course, @Travis_IOI are welcome to answer this question.

Ghost Mode Mod
Thanks @MrMike for making this mod.Even if it can only play with friends, it can’t be perfect after all.