Will hideouts ever return?


Haven’t been here for long and I’m sure this was discussed before but I didn’t run into it.

Half of the fun of Silent Assassin was collecting weapons and having them displayed in the shed. It was a cool little detail.

Both Contracts and BM had simplified versions and later games completely ditched that.

Would like to see stuff like that again.


Would be nice. A little individualism with testing out weapon upgrades (where not every new upgrade is better in everything than the old one) and selecting how the hideout looks can’t hurt. With a gallery of unlocked gear and suits.


Fully agree with this, the shed in H2:SA and the lair style hideout in contracts were by far my favourites , I can’t remember how you collected the weapons in H2 did you have to finish the mission with said weapon for it to be unlocked in the shed?


A hideout is fine, but I didn’t use it much as places to actually walk around in. I would like some form of weapons display, including the whole array of melee weapons, to show what one has collected. In terms of weapon collection I really liked Blood Money where you could stash stuff in cases or finish the level with it. I liked SA for including melee weapons like the golf club and fire axe. The one in Contracts was the most intriguing place, but easy to miss and felt extremely tangential.


Same here :blush:



I loved how SA’s hideout was integrated with the story and the gameplay. In the final mission it was amazing to come back unarmed, surrounded by enemies and having to make it to the shed, pick some weapons, stock up on ammo and turn the tables on them.

Hideouts in Contracts and Blood Money were just fine, I guess.

It’d be nice if hideouts return. If it is in some kind of private plane, the better.


A private plane would be dumb if it had a shooting range.


I honestly just want an aiprort Hub world. A non-discreet payphone to navigate to the loadout menu, upon loadout selection you hear Diana on the other end of the line “your order has been placed Mr Rieper”. Hang up the payphone and walk up to the flight board, (enters a menu screen showing various destinations like an upcoming flights screen format, pick country first then it zooms into destinations e.g. USA > lists all available locations within that…Miami, Colorado etc.
Cutscene (that is skippable) of 47 boarding the plane etc. Additional cutscene shows ICA Briefcase being put into luggage hold (if the player chose it as part of their loadout)

I want more immersion, role playing details than anything else.
But make it skippable for people that don’t care etc.


Imagine Sapienza safehouse filled with all your weapons lol.


Why not just take over the Sapienza Mansion? :slight_smile: