Will the physical edition of hitman 3 be limited

Will the physical edition of hitman 3 be limited?

What do you mean limited?
Have limited amount of copies?
No info on that available, but looking into the past, I think it will be printed limited amount of DVDs, as it usually was.
But I think it was never known exactly how many copies been printed

It seems only the Collectors Edition of H2 happened to be sold out. Currently no such edition is announced, the physical regular edition(s) probably will be printed according to the demand.


I’m almost certain IO won’t promote Artificial Scarcity for H3 Physical. If anything Collectors Editions at most will be limited print. But a physical copy of standard or deluxe? You should be fine.

Travis usee the word limited when he spoke of it. I hope not. Unless its like “limited run games” where you have a buy window. Thats what they did with for example the samurai jack game. Special was limited in numbers and regular had a 1month time window to order and they just press whats ordered…

From a philosophical perspective: Isn’t everything limited?


No, the surface of a sphere is not limited. It is only finite.

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I still wonder how they will work this out.

I have a hunch that the PC version won’t see a physical release…

I’m pretty sure we’re going to get one, so it could only be released by 2022 to “fix” this issue.

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:pray: for a collectors edition