Will The Update on July 27th Include Chinese Localization?

We heard from the IOI Insider on June talked about the release of traditional and simplified Chinese language support might drop with the update on late July. Is there any confirmation for that? I just went through the IOI Inside on July 22th and it was not mentioned.

Thanks in advance!

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There is no information about any new localizations so far.
It’s been said in the past IOI Insider that additional subtitles may appear after Sloth season.
But there were no updates in the recent stream or in any other places.
Maybe, maybe something will be clear after update on 27th.
If neither of new subtitles will be added, then later in the future


Noted, thanks mate.

Recently the US PSN store page of Hitman 3 updated the language support section, Chinese (Simplified) was added so I thought it might comes out sooner than expected.


To complete, they said that 3 languages will be added :

  • Traditional Chinese
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Russian

But we don’t know exactly when.


Someone asked Clemens about the Russian translation at the insider on Jul.22 when Clemens read the question (whispering exactly) and skipped it…:slight_smile:

Language Support
We’ve added full text localisation of all in-game menus and subtitles for the following languages on all platforms: Russian, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. All players will be able to access these languages after downloading the 3.50 patch.