Will this be the end of Hitman forever? (NO)

Is this the end of Hitman or just the end of the online Hitman games

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Neither one nor the other.

It’s the end of the World of Assassination trilogy started with HITMAN 1 on March 11, 2016.


So we can look forward to more stand alone games , thats good with me

Indeed. They will continue but with a new storylike and maybe little reboot in gameplay. They see this as a trilogy storywise. The arc with Grey is one overarching story.
Ps Hitman 4 ever…

Its definitely the end of the “HITMAN” era, and of the story that started with Hitman 2016. Dont know if we’ll get any new games after this but I’m looking forward to that possibility. I for one can’t wait for the 2034 game where we play as a 70-year-old 47 who’s older than Dr. Ort-Meyer ever was and yet is still in his prime somehow, aided by a greying Diana in a wheelchair who is now the director of the ICA. Punished 47 and Diana. Now that’s fun to think about.


I think when they made 47 timeless they also made Diana timeless.


They need to take a break to get the team to work on something else I think and come back some years later (5-7 years) with gameplay and tech improvements. The core gameplay has always been solid and is fundamentally timeless. But technical systems are not and require constant improvement in this industry.


Yea, I think they most likely goona take a break, but I highly doubt they would abandon Hitman IP, especially since this trilogy introduced series to many new player, so it should be profitable. Plus, IOI seems to be listening to fans, and we all want more Hitman in the future.

I say take a break and release an entirely new Hitman game towards the end of the PS5s life cycle…

Which I think should be a complete remake of Codename 47. I see many suggestions about releasing a prequel season with remade levels from past games… I really only see Blood Money working on the HITMAN engine with a season designated to the best of missions (House of Cards, Vintage Year, You Better Watch Out, Dance With the Devil, Amendement XXV & A Murder or Crows)

The other Hitman games are way too story oriented to condense into 6-8 missions.

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My concern would be that IO will make another Absolution, and half-undo all the good work they did in the current trilogy. The same thing happened with The Sims 4, which couldn’t reach the bar set by The Sims 3. Even GTA suffered to an extent, with IV being much more restrictive than San Andreas was. Game series never really seem to build on each other’s progress in a linear way.

I hate the saying everything must come to end… however it is very true, I’d hate for this franchise to end as I honestly love everything about it, the story, the gameplay, the methods, the community, being Agent 47 is literally the coolest thing ever. However if they do choose to end the franchise after Hitman 3 I certainly hope it goes out with a bang, the fact that they’ve already confirmed that all 3 games within the trilogy will be under 1 umbrella increases the replay-ability etc.

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This wont be the end of the Hitman Games. Its IOs most profitable IP and even if IO somehow manages to go under the License will be picked up by someone.

Hopefully by someone who enjoys the original Trilogy most :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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