Will you get the legacy pack if you paid the GOTY Legacy Pack dlc for Hitman 2

So, i know that when Hitman 3 come out, both Hitman 2016 and 2 legacy pack will be released and be redeemed for the 3rd game. I never owned Hitman 2016 GOTY but i have paid for the GOTY legacy pack dlc. I just want to know that will you get the legacy pack even though you only have the dlc pack, not the game.

There is no such info yet, but I suppose so you to get all 3 games under one roof for free you should own first two games.
My guess in your situation you will get HITMAN 2 only and for HITMAN 2016 you’ll have to pay additionally. In case that both games will be ‘sold’ with separate packs.
Or if two games will arrive in one bundle, you will have to pay for that pack or buy HITMAN 2016 and then get both first games in HITMAN 3 for free

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We don’t know anything about it yet. My guess is you can get H1 locations in H3 by owning the legacy pack, but as I and @misterkiller said, there’s no clear info about H3’s legacy pack or whatever it called.

Well, if they will give the legacy pack for Hitman 3 if they owned the dlc version of the legacy pack. Since I own the Hitman 2 and the legacy pack dlc, it would automatically redeem for the 3rd version.