Wishing for Old Animations

I know it is a long stretch, but I miss the old Blood Money animations, like when you garrote Vinny in the chair, (he is strangled on 47’s back) or how you kick the back of the target in Absolution and then garrote the target. Or the unpacking for the sniper rifle in Blood Money (put on the scope, looking down the scope, and screwing in the silencer)…it to me adds just a level of realism that can’t really be described, makes you feel like you are living in 47’s world…maybe this could be added to Freelancer years down the road? I am just afraid if we wait too long, might be too old to play games or be dead by nuclear war.




You’re probably talking about an animation that IS currently in the game. You usually have more luck doing it if you’re crouched and (maybe) running toward the target before you garrote them. Edit: Or it’s a matter of doing it at the right distance.

But 47 will do the regular version of it if you’re standing behind them.


I always thought it was a distance thing to trigger that animation over the standard one.