Wishlist Item for season 2

I preordered the season and was a little worried in the beginning but here I am anxiously waiting for season 2. This is the first game I actually bothered to do 100% of the Xbox achievements. I feel like the community was listened to. Thank You!

A couple of things I would love to see in the future…

  • more sniper only missions like the one in patient zero and sniper escalations.
  • the preorder sniper challenge from absolution added to Xbox Backwards compatibility or remastered.
  • the phone game brought to Xbox One/PS4. I think it would be so fun using a controller. They did it for fallout shelter. :slight_smile :slight_smile:
  • maybe an pack of maps/missions based on missions from older games redone and modified for the current hit man mechanics. A remastered classic pack so to speak.
  • I know it’s been done before but I would love to see an amusement park/ carnival map. There is so much potential for a map like that on current systems.
  • Las Vegas map
  • zoo map

Just some thoughts but I am excited for whatever you have coming in season 2.


Happy to hear you enjoyed the game and maxed it out! :slightly_smiling_face: You should consider joining the HMF group on Xbox!

As far as whishes goes, we have several topics to discuss it in.
I’ll link some below.


Those suggestions sound pretty good and I’d like to add some like perhaps an airport mission where you have to smuggle in what you want or take things that won’t get detected, a prison mission where you go in with nothing like the Japan mission and have one of the rewards for completion on a mission be a brief case that you can hide items in like you had with the sniper rifle in blood money. Also really love the idea about the remastered levels

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Oohhh those map ideas sound fun

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