Wishlist - suggestions for improving Hitman game

I love Hitman game-series and I played several Hitman Agent 47 games include (Agent 47, Silent Assassin, Contract, Blood-money, Absolution) and recently Hitman 2016.

These are what I would like to see in the new game:

  1. Blood line: when you kill someone by weapon and the target start to bleeding, when you want to drag it on the floor, it would be great if we see blood line on the floor.

  2. Human Shield: This will be awesome! Sometimes players like to play action or semi-stealth instead of stealth game plan, so this ability (human shield) may help Agent 47 to survive in front of gun fire and eliminate shooters.

  3. Creating new genres: Previous Hitman games could be “silent assassin style”, “professional”, “mass murder” or etc. This new Hitman is very flexible but still some genres remains. For instance the Agent 47 can play role of “body-guard” or an episode or a part of episode can be “escape mode”. For example huge wave of security forces attack to the scene and Agent has to escape and drive car or fly with helicopter. Such these abilities may make Hitman a game with greater abilities than games like GTAs.

  4. Closer to the reality: (for instance) Explosion of bomb in reality will cut off a part of body or make deep injuries. In Hitman game the bomb explosion is like explosion of grenade in Max Payne 2 ! Very neat. That’s not close to reality.

  5. New weapons: I would like to remove some of my targets via using UCAV.
    For example: We are in an operation in Los Angeles, we can hack a drone flying from Edward Air Base and change its “mission data” and when the UAV get close to the target, we get its control completely manual and fire and guide a missile to our target. Hunting enemies with drone will be interesting in Hitman.

  6. Stronger stories: The stories are very inspiring but they can be more inspiring and better.


We have a thread for this already.


Well I’d like to have like instances of references to past games like “I was the bodyguard when the Meat King died I have no idea how the person got through” that would be really cool

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There’s plenty of references to the old games already, Whittleton and Colombia are two massive love letters to Blood Money for instance

Already a thing. Nolan Cassidy was a white house guard when 47 kills the vice president in Blood Money. An Ark Society member also mentions attending the hell and heaven party from Las Vegas mission in BM

Also read the in-game target biographies if you haven’t already, some of them reference the previous games in interesting ways