WOA Suit Appreciation Thread

Thank @Danger_dog_guy_7 for the categories, pretty much pulled from an old thread but with minor changes.


Location Suits :gloves:
Suits unlocked via a SA rating on a legacy ET or for the H3 suits, by achieving mastery level 20.

Classic Suits :necktie:
Suits unlocked as a pre-order bonus or a SASO ET challenge.
Could be the BM suit to the white trinity suit.

Themed Suits :santa:t3: :flamingo:
From a purple flamingo to St. 47, these hellish creatures are usually unlocked by linking your IO account or completing an absurd escalation/challenge.

Either way, enjoy bashing each-other over your favourite suits.


Soaked hawaiian shirt w/ fedora :call_me_hand:

Hate these:
Love these:

I’m with you 50% of the way. The Phantom Suit is great, the Blue Flamingo I’m not a fan.

But the New Yorker’s coat is so classic, and by god if I never ever see 47 in a wife-beater and those weird dark Steven Seagal glasses again it’ll be too soon.


But Lynch loved Xiu :cry:

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Love anything without driving gloves.
Hate anything with driving gloves.

(Italian suit and maybe Florida Fit get a pass, others can rot)

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Anyone know how to unlock the suit from Ghost Mode? They said they would make it an unlock in hitman 3

35 featured contracts on hitman 1/2 maps. you can do the same one over and over


Sorry, sleeveless undershirt* :stuck_out_tongue:

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Personally, if the suit has a tie, I hate it. If it doesn’t, it’s at least tolerable. I’d prefer the flamingo over anything with a tie, but that’s just me.

I’m not so picky - if a suit is elegant (sorry Flamingo, Santa and Lynch!) and even slightly realistic (this excludes 7DS suits) - I love it. And even more if it has gloves. That’s why I can’t wait to play the Brothers, since it’ll unlock the Blood Money one - and I reckon many players can relate to this.

I love the new signature suit in Hitman 3 with the English style cut looks far better than the awful one in Hitman 2 and better fitting than the ones in Hitman 1 however the buttons don’t fit the holes anyone know where i can tell io about this?

ioi.dk then theres a support page somewhere.

you have ruined suits for me, congratulations

Maybe this belongs in the fan art thread, but I’d like to make the case for 47 in a kilt. It would so fit well on Isle of Sgáil, and it would be a nice opportunity to do the red accents that nod to the signature suit…


Diana, cover your eyes!


I’m not seeing any appreciation for casual undercover - it’s definitely my go-to