World Map of all 47's assassinations in the series

With the help of some free time and boredom, I’ve filled out this random giant map image with all of 47’s assassinations in the games. I’ve excluded some of the missions, namely the Contracts remakes of C47 (this would be mainly duplicates) and the bonus missions from H2016 as I can’t figure out if they’re canon or not.

Nevertheless, the fonts increase in size the more recent the game is. The colours are just there to distinguish between the games, except for H1 and H2 as they share the same ongoing story arc. Where a rough estimation on the dot location was needed, I more or less tried to place them based on best guesses on the looks of the geographical environment.

If anyone wants, I can provide a dot-only version as well by request.


Nice job. Really cool idea and beautifully executed…


I cant see the contracts missions, they blend in too well, and id probably need to look at this on a computer in the intended resolution, to see some of the smaller text, otherwise, this is looks great and well-made. Good Job

Thanks for this work man! We needed a stuff like this.

Great work!

Wish we could somehow pin down the ICA Facility (including Hitman:Contracts tutorial) and Requiem.

Yeah I forgot to mention that Requiem’s location has so far been impossible to pinpoint. I can only assume it’s somewhere in US territory.

If you look at Greenland though, there’s a white dot which I’ve marked for the ICA facility.

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Amazing job! Always wanted to look at all of the 47’s destinations on the map.
Btw different colors for different games is a nice touch.

White - C47
Light grey - H2:SA
Dark grey - Contracts
Yellow - BM
Black - Absolution
Red - H2016 & H2018

I’d made a version of this on Google maps and had posted it before but it never gained any traction for some reason. Good job.

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Upload your pic in here. Sounds cool so share and live in the glory… Hehe. Don’t let your work go to waste…

A single pic won’t do it justice, as it is more interactive…

Overview of the map.

You can look at the full timeline, or just by game.

Click on an event to bring up info on the date, location and targets. Also covers the sites of major events such as the meeting between 47/Diana and Grey/Hall in Berlin.

Locations have been placed as close as possible to their real-world counterparts/most appropraite areas. Zoom in!

Notes: This covers events from the games only, not the expanded universe from the novels and so forth.

Anyway, here is the link to it: Hitman Timeline Map


Where/when was it confirmed the ICA Training Facility is located in Greenland?

There was a leaked screen from way back of the location being there along the 74th parallel north. I wouldn’t know where to find it now though.

@Coot & @doom-generation
I’m disappointed in both of you. You said you’ve made maps of ALL the targets assassinated by 47 in the games. Then where’s the marker on the North Pole? Did you both forget the Browser Game where 47 was hired by Santa to kill the elf leader? How can you call yourselves Hitman fans if you don’t know such an important part of the lore of the franchise? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Really shows we need a level set in Australia already. Hawkes Bay and the didgeridoo were something, but I’d love to see 47 interacting with things in Australia.



Made an excel spreadsheet with the chronological order of everything from years ago but this beats it out of the park!


Thank you, it was a lot of work so I appreciate it. :blush:

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You gotta add Manhattan now.

I’m going to as soon as we confirm it is canon and where in the canon it is.

Oh come on it will be on Wall Street. You know it and I know it.

Thanks :slight_smile:. No co-ordinates, just an approximation. Given that it is reachable by speedboat and helicopter, it can’t be that far off shore.