- World Of Assassination Giveaway Contest! -

Hello everybody :blush:

Sorry for the delay, i had heavy technical issues and i had to be sure that everything’s been set up accordingly before reaching out :+1:

And that’s without a surprise @THAT who wins the contest and deserves his price hands down :partying_face:

Woah man, what a run :smiley:

I see that you’ve chosen HITMAN 2 as a playground, nice choice and looks good :earth_americas:

I didn’t expect people to do such a heavy editing tho, it was more about displaying maps and characters in a more simple way :sweat_smile:

Anyway the video you’ve made here have topped any expectations, such an original and heavy compilation, nice work!


As mentioned in the description, you get a FREE Steam copy of HITMAN: World Of Assassination right NOW :desktop_computer: :video_game:

Please check your DMs so i can give you the code for the game :slight_smile:

Also as you have won the giveaway, you’re automatically qualified for the next contest :white_check_mark:

That’s right, another (and easier) giveaway is in the works and coming next week, stay tuned for updates :wink:

Last but not least there’s also The Undying 2024 Elusive Target Playthrough coming soon: Year 4, The Undying returns (March 22 - April 21 2024) - #158 by PatteDeFruit

Upcoming livestreams: PatteDeFruit Livestreams

All videos also available simultaneously on Youtube: www.PATTEDEFRUIT.com

Thanks again for participating in the contest :+1:

Cheers and cya soon :blush: