World of Assassination Roulette v.1.3 (Github page)

Hi, Hitman Forum! First time posting here because I have a project of mine I’d like to share.

If you’re an obsessive Hitman 2016 / 2 player like me, you’ve probably enjoyed several hours of fun with Hitman Roulette, either from Kotti ( or Hitmaps ( I love both of these, but I felt that there were a few options and tweaks that I could try to add. I woke up a few days later, having made my own roulette. Here’s the breakdown:

Things the World of Assassination Roulette can do that they don’t:

  • Has full roulette options for The Final Test and Nightcall (which Kotti’s randomizer doesn’t have) and Freeform Training (which neither have).
  • Pick-and-choose between five different major kill condition types, additionally differentiating between items / weapons found in-level and items / weapons that are loadout-only . You can also choose from several levels of specificity for each type - such as guns by overall type, by type and loud/silenced, or by specific model name. Want kill conditions that are in-level guns only? Loadout explosives only? Generic accidents only? Just tweak the checkboxes to your heart’s content.
  • Objective Roulette - Randomize the conditions for completing required mission objectives - the Virus in Sapienza, the Data in New York, the Constant in Sgail, and even the Clues in Whittleton Creek. This can be turned off if you want to just keep the roulette to the targets.
  • Nonlethal weapons are added to the options! This will add kill conditions that say, “Kill (Target) after pacifying them with (Nonlethal melee weapon).” Finally, you can get some real use out of the Crystal Ball / Violin / etc. or those cool-looking rare nonlethal weapons like the Khatvanga or the Imperial Filigree Eggs.
  • A “Sniper Assassinations” option for when you want to sometimes use sniper rifles even if otherwise you select in-level conditions.
  • Agency Pickup Roulette, which randomizes the location of your Agency Pickup (if you’re using one).
  • Has a “Trim Down Melee Weapons” option to limit in-level killing tools to some of the more interesting options (instead of getting Screwdriver or Kitchen Knife again and again…)
  • An option to warn you about insanely difficult in-level accident kills that require you to drag a target across the map, such as killing Reza Zaydan with electricity or killing Sierra Knox by drowning or killing Nolan Cassidy by pushing him off a ledge. (Trust me, it’s harder than you think it is.)
  • Pick-and-choose from various disguise condition types, including suit only, guard only, cook only, or any combination of these and others.
  • Loose Disguise Only mode, where the roulette will only specify disguise conditions that can be found without pacifying or killing anyone - perfect if you want a no pacifications / no civilian kills roulette run.
  • Turn Start / Exit randomization on or off.
  • Choose starts by All Starts, Suit Starts Only, or Undercover Starts Only.
  • Option to require a disguise for when you exit the mission.
  • An easy “Advance to Next Mission” button that moves you along through the campaign.
  • A scorecard to tally up your points over an entire campaign (if you’re an absolute dork like me).
  • An option to display Wazir Kale as either himself or the Maelstrom (because, clearly, that’s important to me for some reason).

Things the World of Assassination Roulette can’t do that they do:

  • No roulette for most non-main campaign missions (No Special Assignments yet, but for my Patient Zero Roulette, check it out here:
  • No Contracts mode
  • No Elusive Target conditions
  • No randomized extra restrictions as seen in Kotti’s roulette
  • No Tournament mode as seen in the Hitmaps roulette
  • No popout window
  • No support for Blood Money or any other game outside the World of Assassination games (Hitman 3 will be fully supported after it’s out).

If you want to give it a try, check it out here:

My DMs are open on Reddit (and on here, but I’ll respond faster on Reddit) and I’m still definitely an amateur at html/javascript, so if you have any suggestions or ideas, feel free to message me! (But read my list of planned features at the bottom before you do, please.)

Thanks for reading! Now I’ll leave you to prepare…


Update v1.1 to the World of Assassination Roulette is live!

New features for the World of Assassination Roulette:

  • Overhaul of the roulette kill condition odds - now each category has roughly the same odds of being chosen from as the others (previously, loadout options would likely outnumber the in-level options). Fine tuned to enhance the intrigue factor of your runs.

  • Option to include flash / concussive devices in the conditions, such as flash grenades and remote concussive devices.

  • Option to have accident / poison kill conditions that have a 50% chance of being generic instead of specific (“Kill in an accident” versus “Kill by drowning”).

  • A “Rare Weapons” option that enables hard-to-get-to weapons, specifically the Sacrificial Dagger in Santa Fortuna and the Gold Shotgun in New York.

  • Fixes to a number of issues.

Same link as before:


Love this thing! Idk why it hasn’t gotten more support


Minor update v.1.11:

  • Added “Silent Assassin Mode for Erich Soders.” While checked, this will make his kill conditions more SA-friendly by limiting them to his surgery-related kills.
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I think you should expand this mode to “Special Target Standard Kills” or something catchier. What I mean is you should make it so ticking that option you’ve just added makes it so that both Erich Soders AND Sierra Knox only use their regular or mission story kills (ie you don’t have to end the race to get Sierra all the time).

Know what I’ll just add some ideas I had on the roulette:

  • Optional Objective toggle should include if and how you identify the Maelstrom (getting a photo, phoning a target, using the flag OR finding him without assistance)

  • Optional objective toggle should include KO conditions for The Constant and the New York data disks (ie knock out Constant with a fire extinguisher, knock out Perez with a slippery wet floor)

  • Additional complications not seen in Kotti’s roulette : not using coins, having to get a certain target first, retrieve your suit, no knockouts, don’t pack Sniper back into briefcase after unpack, no specific weapons, etc.

  • Option to randomise which mission to play (it’s weird I think only Kotti’s roulette has this, the challenge roulette doesn’t and neither does yours atm)

  • Optional choice to either separate loadout kills and fibre wire kills or just have them be the same

  • Difficulty roulette

Also I got a roulette with the rake in Mumbai. Is it actually pickupable? I can’t get it to work.

this might have been changed since the last time I played but as far as I know you can do whatever you want to soders and you won’t lose SA, since the game doesn’t treat him like a target but like the sapienza virus

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Thanks for the ideas! I’ll answer them individually:

  • I was considering doing that for the Maelstrom, although it’s tricky to choose between the ones you listed since phoning a target could easily mess with a future “Target Kill Order” feature and the flag sometimes gets raised without you doing anything. What I think I will add, though, is an objective roulette for which photo you’ll have to pick up if you want to identify him that way.
  • Constant KOs are doable. I’ll definitely consider it. As for New York, I’d considered that as well, but Perez and Mann don’t have any good pictures that fit with the roulette, so my inner aesthetics critic resists including them. Maybe H3 will include their portraits on the objectives screen with Athena.
  • I have plenty of ideas for a possible complications option, but I haven’t implemented it yet. I like your suggestions, though!
  • Hilariously, I knew there was some feature I was forgetting to put in before the initial release. This was it.
  • As of right now, those two are the same, just that fiber wire-type weapons are considered “loadout small lethal melee” by the roulette. It does mean that you’re a little less likely to get fiber wire kills than others, though, so I’ll think about that.
  • Easy enough, I just wasn’t sure if people would want to see it. Usually, in my experience, people have a difficulty they play and mostly keep to it.

As for the rake, I think there are rakes used for blending in, but there’s also two rakes in Mumbai that you can pick up and use, just like the ones in Whittleton Creek.

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Wow, really? I’ll have to test that out.

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You might have to just use Mann and Perez’s objective pictures instead, the ones that show up on Contracts and when Diana introduces them. I hope that they make them optional targets in H3, they’ve actually got a lot of kill opportunities that I’d like to try out

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Minor update v.1.12:

  • Added Objective Roulette for Mumbai - randomly chooses between the four pictures of the Maelstrom on the map for you to use.
  • Fixed the blood-draining kill for Soders (previously, you could be assigned disguises other than the Chief Surgeon), added “get Dr. Laurent to kill him for you” as a kill condition, and removed lethal melee weapons as options because I thought you could use them, but… you can’t. They just bounce off his bald head. Also changed the wording on the “Silent Assassin Mode for Soders” because it’s kind of a misnomer. Now it’s “Surgical Assassin Mode for Soders.”
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Like I said you should make that option “Surgical Assassin for Soders + Sniper Assassin for Sierra” since they’re both non-traditional NPCs in a similar vein

By the way, I did some research and it turns out that the rakes in Mumbai are bugged. I swear that they were usable in a previous version of the game, but as of right now, they’re not (even though they still highlight in instinct). I’ll remove them from the options in Mumbai for the next update which I’ll release later today.

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Update v1.2 to the World of Assassination Roulette is live!

New features for the World of Assassination Roulette:

  • Random Mission button! Does exactly what you think it does.
  • Constant KO Conditions option - Makes the Constant’s conditions in the Objective Roulette always be a pacification condition and will specify a weapon for you to use as determined by your Kill Conditions settings (that is, it follows your settings for nonlethal in-level and/or nonlethal loadout weapons).
  • Added a few error messages so you shouldn’t end up with an “undefined” in your conditions.
  • Fixes to a number of issues and a little tweaking of kill condition odds.

Same link as before:


Great to see a randomise mission option! I’m not into the Constant KO change, I like having the item conditions for pacifying him now I think it should be randomised whether you get a KO or an Escort or a leave him alone.

Will you be adding a Sierra Knox thing next? Like I said it’d make sense when you do to merge it with the Soders thing since they’re very similar “utility” targets

That’s a fair change re: the Constant - I’ll look into implementing that for next time.

As for Sierra, the way I see it is that there’s only one way to kill her in the car that you can’t technically do when she’s outside it - namely, loosening the tire. Otherwise, using the remote explosive or shooting her are both things you can do after the race as well as during it, so if you got one of those kill conditions, it’s up to you as far as when you do it.

I do plan on adding a “more super-specific kills” option at some point which will include things like killing Margolis and Novikov simultaneously by pushing her off the balcony or killing Knight with the ejector seat, so when I do that, I’ll also include the tire kill.

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No I mean like an option to only include in the car kills, so shooting, explosives and tires, so you don’t have to get her out of the car every time. The reason why I say it should be the same option as Soders is a similar principle: both targets are very non-traditional “no walkies” targets

Update v1.3 to the World of Assassination Roulette is live!

New features for the World of Assassination Roulette:

  • Added a checkbox for “Player’s Choice Kills” under the kill condition categories. These are freebies - the conditions will read “Kill using any method” if rolled!

  • Added a checkbox for “Neck Snaps” under the kill condition categories. These are rolled slightly less often than other kill conditions.

  • Added an “Accident Boost” checkbox that doubles the chances of accidental or poison kill conditions being rolled. This was added to optionally compensate for the wide variety of kills included under that category’s umbrella.

  • Removed Propane Flask Explosion as a kill condition as it was coming up too often and was largely redundant with “Kill with an accidental explosion.”

  • Added the Beak Staff in Whittleton Creek to the “Rare Weapons” category.

  • Some tweaking of roll probabilities.

Same link as before:

Also, I plan on starting work on a separate page for a Patient Zero Campaign Roulette soon!


I found some portraits for Mann and Perez!

Very bad quality photo but these are target-style photos you can find on the intel screen once Diana introduces them


Rather small thing, but can you consider adding a checkbox for the knight’s armor disguise in Ark Society? As in whether or not the roulette could choose that disguise.