Worst Hitman 2 Mission (Besides Hawkes)

The worst 2016 thread has been revived so let’s give Hitman 2 the same treatment. Personally I’m going to give it to Whittleton Creek. Insanely easy to kill targets, boring and identical map, endless closed areas that seem unfinished, and that stupid clue objective. Contracts are really good here for some reason. And now I just wait until someone links a thread that already exists about this wah


No. Whittleton Creek is good.
It just very small


Excluding Hawke’s Bay, the worst map is still Hawke’s Bay.

It’s so bad that it transcends exclusions.


Damn it man why are you Hawkes bay roasts so damn funny

But still it gets contracts mode for some reason…

I still prefer it over a few 2016 maps. 2018 has an overall higher map quality IMO

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Unpopular option but, I’m going to say The Golden Handshake.* It’s no bad map but it feels small and limited compared to other mission. Not to mention the lack of memorable ways to kill your target. You can push her through the clock, but that about it.

*Not counting Special Assigments.

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Whittleton Creek (or Shitleton Creek as I call it) is worse than Hawke’s Bay


There are no bad missions in HITMAN 2
Some are really great
Some are good
And the others are not bad either


True, true, the most fun I’ll have on the map is contracts. Even then, there are quite a few ways you can do the limited amount of kills. You can push her through the clock in any disguise, as the banker, use the screwdriver, or gain access as the IT after shooting them both with the tranq gun.

Worst Hitman 2 Missions are Hidden Valley and At the Gates…oh, wait, we are talking about Hitman 7.

Whittleton Creek sucks.


I don’t think that there is much debate here. Vermont to H2 is what Colorado was to Season 1. And what’s funny is that despite them being total opposites in terms of aesthetics, structurally these two are very similar. While all other missions present us with towers literal and social, these two are pretty flat. There’s no complex hierarchy or various levels of security. What this essentially means is that you constantly jump in and out of small ponds of security while most of navigation between them is almost entirely arbitrary.

That’s the reason I feel Golden Handshake fares much better, even if it is pretty barebones, the skeleton itself is solid. And it actually does something fun with non-assassination objectives.

But if you do include Hawke’s Bay, then… yeah. Which is really nuts, because that’s what Hitman levels used to be like.




I also find these suburbs maps bland/boring (in any game). I live in one so I don’t need to revisit it. Along with there being hardly anywhere to hide outside or inside, cause the houses are too small. Easy to get spotted cause of the close proximity to the guards. No crowds to blend in. Not much creative ways to take out a target. No sniping spots.

As much as I hate whittleton I think it’s strongest aspect would have to be Cassidy’s and Janus’ high protection. I feel that Janus is easily my favorite target in the game, even though it’s by far my least favorite in the game. Something about his incredible backstory, his very strong connection to both 47 and the missions, and even some of his kills are good—good lord especially the nurse kill. Cassidy was your run-of-the-mill dickhead but he had some great kills. But other than that, I hate whittleton

Colorado was a militia camp made out of an abandoned… Apricot place? God, it was so forgettable that I can’t even remember.
Whittleton Creek is a suburb. You are free to roam the streets, even invited with open arms into a house party. They are polar opposites.


stop bullying

I live in a hotel so I don’t need to revisit it

His lines are great

Whittleton did nothing wrong!

Oh wait we aren’t including Hawkes? Yeah its the worst

Ok, seriously there are no bad maps in 2, even Hawkes had a good vibe.


True there were no really bad maps in Hitman 2. Whittleton has so many opportunities to do on it that I can’t help myself but I still have fun playing it. The only actually bad one are Bangkok and parts of Colorado I feel. Otherwise they’re all great!

except for shittleton creek

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Bangkok is my opinion. What makes you hate Colorado so much? I just think it doesn’t really work. I don’t know if it’s how they handled the hostile environment or that it’s too damn long or what