Worst Hitman 2 Mission (Besides Hawkes)

The Special Assignment In Mumbai.

Sgail for me, and I cant really pinpoint why It’s my least favourite. I didn’t really like the way it was laid out if I’m honest, the lighting was brilliant on it, I liked how it felt quite sinister.

Creek, only because it lacks a lot of things

  1. Cinematic Deaths
  2. Unique kills
  3. Fall Opportunity (I love pushing targets)

however I will give credits for the story thats pretty good
and one other thing that annoys me is the clues it gets boring after a while but apart from that its an okay map…:no_mouth:

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Columbia, NZ and Sgail are the bottom of the pile for me. I really am not a fan of Columbia especially, it lacks:
-Effective and fun sniping
-Literally any mission story fall backs which are very important for a level’s depth (at least for me)
-A variety of cool suit only kills
-the mansion is really just a B tier Villa Caruso


Season one had more and better sniping spots than season 2. Which is a shame.


Couldn’t agree more. For me it’s probably the main reason I like Hitman 2016 way more than Hitman 2. The maps are too big for their own good and having to weave through the crowds (fake npc’s) adds to that feeling. It annoys me to the point I don’t play the maps anymore with the exception of ET’s.


Funny, for me it’s the far superior gameplay of season 1 what makes it much better than season 2. The season 2 maps overall are fine

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I just cannot enjoy Sgàil. It’s not that bad in contracts mode and escalations, but the bland main mission ruined it forever for me.
Also the fact that suit isn’t allowed on the majority of the upper floors, and while interesting, verticality paired with slow/clunky agility mechanics makes navigation a chore sometimes.

EDIT: I also wish more maps were like Mumbai and its dozen of different starting locations and hidden stashes.


I can see that especially if you’re a speedrunner. It’s kinda weird why they would remove mechanics like the fetch trick and screw around with silent assasin status since season 2 is pretty much ‘‘just new maps’’.

Season 2 not being episodic is probably also a factor in why I like it less. That format really worked for me.

You can easily and quick collect all the clues at the very start.
It will take about a minute or even faster.
What do you mean by cinematic and unique kills?
How poisoning a tea from samovar or poisoning a muffin not unique kills?
I don’t remember if we had these opportunities earlier in the whole story.
Yes it’s a poison kill, but the object being poisoned is unique.
You can dump bodies/targets in a hatchways when you break them open with crowbar. They are situated in a whole perimeter of the map

I think these things are actually good, but what is a step back is how some things don’t feel as crisp. There are many small delays where not every time an additional animation is the reason. For example you can’t pick up things while dragging, which makes cleaning up after a complicated KO sequence more confusing.

Also what I dislike is how it is kinda random who reacts to distractions. It is no longer the nearest, but maybe the nearest but with more priority the guard. But not always.

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I hate speed runners abusing temporary bugs to get crazy times such as the tranq glitch and accident pacifying meaning bodies found don’t negate SA


A lot of people really dislike Sgail. This is why it’s my second favorite—
The kills—while there are few challenge kills, they’re all pretty damn cool and the lack of them encouraged me to uncover new ones. There is a lack of SO methods, but the community has managed to find some pretty cool ones.
The targets—not only are they both difficult, but they have a completely different function in them. Zoe serves more as the ultimate accident target in the game, with the effigy and lie detector. Sophia on the other hand is all about isolation. Many of her kills are when no one is around and there are few public accident kills for her. The routines also work really well I feel, but Zoe is a little lacking in the personality department. As for the constant, he only needs to be done the first time around. Otherwise it’s a pretty cool mechanic to look out for his routine as it may interrupt your run if you’re not careful.
Music—this is a lot of opinion here, but I find my favorite maps usually have my favorite music. My top six—New York, sapienza, Hokkaido, Miami, Sgail, Mumbai, all have really cool music that plays at different times. Sgail comes out in top for me though.
Design—everything in here is top notch. There’s a really great video from writing on games that goes really into detail about this, but this feels like a very well done mix of Paris and Hokkaido. It shares Paris’ verticality and distinguished party atmosphere, while it shares Hokkaido’s creepiness, futuristic themes, and difficulty. Also this feels like playing a James Bond movie. Climb up hundreds of feet of pipes and shoot two guards with a tranq gun through a window. When your target arrives, throw a pipe at her head and dump her out a window. All while wearing a suit with a mask and gloves. On top of all of this, everything feels very connected and laid out. On my first run I discovered the pipe to the guard area right at the start. The only really pain in the ass place to get to is the penthouse.
That’s why I love Sgail! Why do you guys like or dislike it?

Targets spotting you before killing them no longer ruining silent assasin is a good change but the silent assassin rules are still pretty unclear to me tbh. With dart gun now and earlier the trespassing thing. It’s all over the place.

Not picking up stuff while dragging is not really confusing but just time consuming. Not being able to bump NPC’s to remove question marks or drop a gun in front of them is also a negative change. The more you think about it, they removed so many of these mechanics from season 1…

It also makes it harder for you to do all those crazy stuff :wink:

  1. would love to see some cut scene deaths its the only map in the game which doesn’t have one
  2. poisoning in my opinion is boring i like brutal accidents not dying because he sipped some tea
  3. dumping is not the same as pushing them i only like pushing targets when there conscious

Yeah I can understand that. The huge thing in the room regarding “legal KO” currently is that targets and non-targets are handled differently. If they allowed all the stuff on targets what is now allowed on non-targets would make things more simple.

The trespass and enforcer issue is something I was glad to forget again. If they ever come to a conclusion what the final SA rules are, they should somehow communicate it in an official way.

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There is fetch tricking and extended fetchtricking, the latter was ridiculous, but i was fine with normal fetch tricking. But im not sad that its gone.

That was just extremely annoying, but not what i was aiming at.

There are a ton of small stuff that simply were much smoother and much better in season 1.

For example what @Urben mentioned:

I also really despise that unconscious witnesses now kills your SA rating. I hate the delay where you can’t open doors when you just detonated something. I hate not being able to blow open every door with explosives on a consistent basis. I hate the sluggish inventory handling. And there are approx 50 other small things on my list that were objectively far superior in season 1.

Agreed with this aswell. Episodic worked so great for Hitman, but alas, they had to give in to the majority of dumb people.


Really that is up to IO, they should clear all the leaderboards once all the bullshit is fixed. They already done that atleast twice before in season 1.

@Travis_IOI Please clear the leaderboards once everything is fixed. There shouldn’t be any times on there that are no longer possible.


It’s also a good thing that people are creating videos showcasing the exploit, they gets more light shined on so IO picks it up faster.

My guess is this will probably only happen when Hitman 3 has realised all it’s updates so a fair while away :sleepy: