Would you like another mission set around a holiday?

I’m not talking about something like Holiday Hoarders, which is just a little bonus mission. I’m talking about missions like You Better Watch Out (Christmas) or Hunter and Hunted (Chinese New Year); imagine a mission like one of those, set on Halloween night, a New year party or a Dia de los Muertos festival. It has potential!


A halloween-themed mission would’ve nailed it!!

We have Christmas, Spring, Summer, only Halloween remaining i guess :slight_smile:

Well we gotten a few Christmas missions already, I don’t like the idea of a Easter or Valentines day mission. But I find this one to be a obvious fit and it’s right around the corner. A Halloween mission.

A Halloween party, should provide 47 with a lot of different disguises and maybe you could hide some of the murders in plain sight just like Curtains down where you swap out the prop pistol.


Day of the Dead in Mexico… no brainer. :slight_smile:


An Halloween mission would be cool. A mission where 47 must kill someone a target inspired to horror characters, a mad serial killer hidden in the map, the leader of a satanic cult.
An Easter mission wouldn’t work for me. There isn’t anything that would make that mission different from other ones.
A Valentines day mission could work. Our targets could be a man and a woman in a romantic date. We could make them die together in different ways: poisoning drink, killing them while they dance, make him watch a picture of her with another man to make him kill her and suicide.

The Patient Zero missions, especially the Sapienza one, with the bats flying out of various places (both ends of the sewer tunnel, and the stone archway around the openings for that) just seemed like a forced “Ooh! Scary!” kind of scenario (Scooby Doo, Where are you?). And the Hokkaido mission is totally the closest thing you can get to a zombie horde (it’d be even better if all the infected lumbered around like the main infected target). So that’s (imo) the closest you can get to Halloween without it being a blatant Halloween theme.

As for something new/different…

Halloween and Christmas are 2 major ones. Thanksgiving? Nah. 'Not too keen on Easter either (personally)… Maybe St. Patricks day? Hmm. :thinking: Tough one.


How about since the Mumbai target is international pirate The Maelstrom we classify that as celebrating International Talk Like A Pirate Day.:pirate_flag::laughing:


I would love a Halloween mission, I would also like a new Christmas mission done in the same way as the summer bonus pack instead of holiday borders which had very little change in the map.

All they would have to do is let us change into Ezra’s disguise.
Then we could run around as Michael from Halloween.


lol St. Patricks day could have so many opportunities.

Valentine’s day… I guess it depends on how it could be handled. Perhaps the most obvious setting is boring. I was thinking about a situation like the Valentine’s day massacre were some mobsters were killed back in the 20s, if I’m not mistaken. The main targets would not necesarily have to be a couple.


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