Would you like IO to fully remaster Silent Assassin & Contracts?

Just a general question for the forum, would you be up for a full remaster of Silent Assassin and Contracts? I know a lot of game companies are doing this with games now, like Spyro and Resident Evil for example.

The memories from playing Silent Assassin and Contracts are fantastic, but with what all the crew at IO Interactive have done with Hitman 2016 and Hitman 2, it would be awesome to see maps like Beldingford Manor and Traditions of the Trade under the new graphics and game mechanics. :wink: :wink:

What does everyone else think?


I would love them to do the same thing they did with Blood Money and Absolution and io is basically sitting on ports of the versions from the HD trilogy on the PS3. I’m all for it as playing the games on the PS2 is a bit wonky these days

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No! They are perfect on pc and works everywhere now days no matter how bad you laptop might be.
I bought the ps4 HD collection on day 1 and I pretty much regret it. Especially Blood Money.
Absolutions control are good on a controller but the dark menu and images is a no for me. And Blood Money had the hud exaggeratedly too big.

Ah wait! You mean like resident evil that kind of remastered? Fuck yeah I’m in to that.

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I thought the collection was good personally and there is no way for PS4 owners to play H2 SA or Hitman Contracts

I think H2016 was meant to be a fresh start like a reboot of hitman . I think I wants to have us gamers forget about those other games . As for a full remake or rerelease those games were fun for that time . However focus on the new not the old in this case . That’s just like asking for another release of warhawk on PS4 or syphonfilter don’t believe it will happen anytime soon.

Yeah that’s exactly what I’m meaning!! :wink: :wink:

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Not really. The missions were great for their time, but even with graphical and control improvements they wouldn’t really stand up to anything from the newer hitman games. I’d rather the effort was put into making new missions and levels, rather than going back to the old.

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Nah. They were good for their time but it’s now it’s time to let go. In with the new.


Hm…I would not say I would be against such a thing, both games are part of my favorit games of all time. But that said I think SA and Contracts have aged very well for games that are 17 and 15 years old, I would rather see a real remake of Codename 47. Since C47 havn’t aged well at all and it shows.

It also a game that many didn’t get to experience since it was PC only, this is why I think C47 would make more sense to remaster/remake. Also it would be easier to refit the newer aspect of the lore into the existing story of said game.


Yeah I’d definitely be up for that!

I understand why they did BM and Absolution in one pack: Blood Money for nostalgia and Absolution because it was the money maker.

Yet Absolution is one of the worst games in the series and the real masterpieces didn’t get included in the pack. Shame! Also the current HD pack is a scam. 60 bucks for a 13 year old and a 7 old game is delusional. I would however pay €60,- for a HD pack with Silent Assassin, Contracts and Blood Money included. Since then I know I’m getting actual classic quality.

Choice is up to IOI, but they know they’ll make a lot of fans happier with a proper HD pack.

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I loved the one we got for Xbox 360 and PS3 years back, with some new old school inspired cover art.

This beauty, was a great entry into the series for new players.


Fantastic cover art!! Love it :wink:

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Bad idea. Porting old Hitman games to a new system might ruin the original creation.

Keep it as it is, just enhance it to be compatible with latest Consoles/PC :+1:

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What I’m meaning is building them from scratch, like what they did with Spyro and Resident Evil.

Just an idea but would be cool if IOI ever did it :wink:

Looking back on this concept art, Hitman really is a twisted game series :sweat_smile:

Could’ve been the cover for a action/horror game lol.

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Is that women with the earpiece supposed to be Diana?
Such a strange decision to include her on a pack of games that made a big deal out of “hiding her face”.

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I hope you guys are kidding: THAT is some great piece of art!

Also the best Hitman Collection ever released!

If there is one Collection that has to be remastered, it definitely should be that one :+1:

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Definitely 100% agree!!! :wink:

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Would absolutely be interested in remastered versions of those games!

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